Monday, May 08, 2006


It’s hard to be a Laker fan.

Flea, bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers and blogger of, wrote a blog saying it, too. Like me, he is a die-hard Laker fan.

The series loss of the Lakers to the Suns was painful. I had never been broken-hearted in my life but the feeling of seeing the Lakers lose is close to broken-heartedness. The last time I felt this way was when the Lakers lose to the Detroit Pistons back in the 2004 NBA Finals (I was not able to go to school when the Lakers lost in Game 5). The Lakers wasted a 3-1 lead in the series. They needed only one more win but the Phoenix Suns won three straight. It was very painful. And I think Coach Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Luke Walton and the rest of the Lakers feel the same way, too…. as well as all the Laker fan like me.

My friends, unfortunately, are anti-Lakers. I think I only have one classmate that is a Laker fan, too. I also have a young neighbor, "Tooting", that likes the Lakers and Kobe Bryant (our favorite player). And the Dawal Twins’ dad is a fanatic like me, too. We both love the Lakers (Although the Dawal Twins are anti-Lakers). As for the rest of the people around me, they don’t like the Lakers. Heck, my very own beloved girlfriend hates Kobe Bryant, my favorite current player.

So you see… it is hard to be a Laker fan like me… people that don’t like the Lakers around you… people who hate them, who wishes them to fail… the Laker losses painful…

But I will remain faithful to the purple and gold uniformed Lakers. Looking back, they had a lot of successes. These are hard times for me. But me, and the rest of the Laker fans out there, will get through. There are still many seasons to come. We will wait until the purple and gold will be back on top.

Vive le Lakers!!! Go Lakers!!! Showtime!!!

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