Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Best President of America

We cannot deny that the United States of America is a great country. But what makes this country great is its great people, past and present. The best examples of such are the presidents of the country through the years. My most favorite among them is Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. But if I am asked of who among the two is the best, I will pick the smart humorous witty honest Lincoln than the multi-talented intelligent Jefferson. For me, the best president of the United States of America and one of the best man ever lived is Abraham Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln was born poor but he worked hard to get a better life. He admitted that he was taught to work but not to love the work, but he is certainly a persevering, industrious and hard working person. He had several vocations before becoming a lawyer and a great politician. For example, he worked as a postmaster and a store keeper. He also had experience in the army. When he was a lawyer, he helped all the people that needs help. He asks little pay and sometimes nothing at all. He was a unique lawyer. He did not try to twist the law. He practices what is right. He lives on values more than knowledge. He was also athletic and strong. He did what is right and do not care what people think. He is also a humorous and witty person. He has many stories to tell but most of his stories not only entertains but gives lifes lessons as well. There is a great paradox in his life, he is a humorous person and loves to tell stories but he was a lonely man. Some experts say Lincoln has a sickness that loneliness will envelope him suddenly. He has many talents like giving speeches. This skill helped him in his campaign for presidency. When he became president, he did his best to keep the country together. He did his best for his country. He did what is right though sometimes his decisions were not popular. But most of all, he relied on what God can do and not through his works. He is not a religious person but he loves and trusts God. He knew that only God can help the country. During the Civil War, he was drawn closer to God and he experienced God's love and power. He was a great man indeed.
I admire this man, Abraham Lincoln. He is simple but made impacts. He do not like fame but he was immortalized. He lives on values and trusts God. He loves humor and life. He is not easily angered and if angered he does not show it oftenly. He was a man of principles. He believe that all men are equal in God's eye so all men should have equal rights no matter what is the color of one's skin. I like his qualities and wants to have them too. He is one of my real life heroes. The only downer about him was he died by assasination. I think he could have done more great things in his second term. But God has His reasons. I can write all the information and stories about him here but I think its up to you if you want to know more about him. I read many anecdotes, essays and biographies about him, and I recommend you read things about him too. My suggested reading is "The Life of Abraham Lincoln" by Stefan Lorant. It is up to you if you want to learn more about him. But do not forget that it is much better to know Jesus Christ, for he is the best. Happy readin

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