Tuesday, June 06, 2006


My pets are cats. Cats, for me, are better than dogs. Cats are more fuzzy and cuter. When I was a small boy, I had a small black kitten. I had fun with that kitten. We played and played throughout the day. Unfortunately, we have to leave that cat to our neighbor when we have to move to a new house. After a year in our new house, my mother brought home a black kitten. He was so cute and funny that we became friends very fast. My father also likes him and we let him sleep inside the house. That cat was an offspring of Martina, a Siamese cat that is owned by the Oloyas. That cat was disciplined and it does not litter inside the house and steal our food. It was also brave and strong, and is not a pushover by other cats. My father named him, Blackie. When he grew up, we found another cat that we considered his wife. We adopted her. That cat bore three kittens. I named the mother Shiela and I named the kittens Henry, Toto and Tina. When Toto was a grown up, he died. That left four cats, Blackie, Shiela, Henry and Tina. Blackie protects his family very well. He protects his territory and family from stray cats, and even dogs! That was my first batch of cats. Many followed. Many cats came from that first batch. There are also many stories as well. I use to call my cats a pride. I considered them like lions. There were a lot of them and I cannot remember the names I gave them. Some of them died when young and some died later. Others got lost or we gave away. Shiela died the most tragic, she was bitten by our neighbor's big dog and died. I tried to stop the dog by shooting it with my pellet gun. I failed, and I cried hard when she died. While the patriarch, Blackie, died when he was very old. The most interesting story about my cats was when Tina found a stray kitten left by his mother. Tina adopted the kitten and considered it as her own. She recently gave birth to three kittens and adopted another one, so she had four of them. The pride took him as one of their own. Sadly, as the kitten grew, it disappeared. The first cats are all dead now, as well as the second. All left here are the third or fourth generation. The pride has currently four members. At one time, the pride was composed of up to ten or twelve members. This generation is a contrast of their ancestor. They are a bunch of "scaredy cats" compared to the brave and proud first batch. They also litter outside our house and my mother is very irritated when she have to clean the front yard. The first batch litter far from our house. This generation also steals our food, unlike the first batch that are often behaved. However, I still like those cats. I think I inherited my love for cats from my father. He loves cats. He took care of some cats when he was young. My father is currently the one who often feeds our cats. Compared when I was a boy, I did not play much with these cats. I missed Blackie. He was my best cat ever. I promised that when I grow up, I would find a black cat and make it my pet. Who knows, maybe I will start a new "pride".

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