Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'm getting irritated with this "Da Vinci Code" controversy. It's time to say something about it.

I don't get the people who were greatly affected by the book. I read the book and I was able to determine the facts and the fiction of the book. I don’t understand why other people can't. But I understand that the fiction was cleverly mixed with the facts that the people begun to believe the fictions as facts. They believed all the fiction on the book because Dan Brown said, "all documents, rituals, structures and artworks are accurate." I guess Brown should have not said that since, not all of the "facts" are accurate. There are many flaws in Dan Brown's "facts."

There are also those who now doubt the Christian faith because of the book. Heck, the book is fiction. Why are their faith shaken? According to an article I read, saying that you lost faith in Christ because of the Da Vinci Code is like losing faith in the law of gravity because of Peter Pan (paraphrased).

I guess people should research for themselves and see that many "facts" in the book are pure fiction. I suggest you might get books, like "The Da Vinci Hoax", that exposes the irresponsible "facts" in the Da Vinci Code. And I also suggest to watch the documentary "The Da Vinci Deception".

As a literature lover, I say that the Da Vince Code is good reading. It has good mystery, suspense and plots (though it seems that Dan Brown copied it from an earlier novels by other authors like "The Da Vinci Legacy"). But as a Christian, I say that the book is harmful. Dan Brown's purpose in writing is unknown. It is wrong to write a fictitious story about a true person, especially Jesus Christ.

There is nothing wrong in reading the book. But you should be a mature reader. A good reader is open-minded but his beliefs, convictions and principles are not shaken when reading a book. Besides, being a Christian is a personal encounter and will not be destroyed just like that. If God is with us, who can be against us?

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