Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Dreams are meant to be free. That is why I dream too much. Dreaming proves I am human. Yes, I am satisfied of being me and what I have. But I can't avoid wishing for more things. Guess its okay to wish or want for something as long as you are still happy, thankful and satisfied although you did not get your wish or want. I have many dreams and wants. I want to have the biggest literature collection in the world. I want a large and awesome toy collection. I want a small studio with all the instruments. I want to have an advance and hightec laptop and PC. I want to be able to write a best selling book. I want to meet Jennylyn Mercado. I want to have a vacation aboard a luxury liner. I want to board a submarine. I want to go to space. I want a robot maid. I want to know the truth, if the Americans really went to the moon or if it was all a hoax. I want to win a Noble Prize. I want World Peace. I want a world with no hunger but full of happiness and love. I want these things and a lot more. Some of them are far-fetched and hard to have or attain but all things are possible. So friends dream all you want. There is nothing wrong with it. And do not lose faith if your dreams are far-fetched and seem impossible. Believe me, they can come true. I had some far-fetched dreams that came true. Just don't get tired of waiting. And do not despair if you were not able to get your dream, God has a better thing to give to you. God has a plan for all of us and everything happens for a reason. In conclusion, dream and dream all you want. Who knows.....

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