Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Food For Thought

Who hates eating? Nobody... except maybe babies and small children that thinks eating is torture. Me, I love eating. Food is essential. Eating is not only a process in which you take in food for energy but also a great way to meditate and appreciate blessings in your life. I really appreciate good food and a good meal. And I am sometimes guilty of overeating. In social events or other events, especially those that has no interest in me, I only look forward to the "chow time" after or during the event. I can eat a lot, especially if hungry. That is why fiestas and parties are what I like going to best. Plenty of food to eat.
I have many favorite foods. But pizza is what I really love to eat. I rarely eat pizza, that is why it is my favorite. I love also love burgers and sandwiches. I have many favorite dishes but I think tenderloin tips is my most favorite. I can eat almost everything... fish, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, fruits, baked goods, junk foods, etc.Piaya is also a favorite of mine. In the past, It is really very rare for me to be able to eat it because you can only find it in the Visayas. But a few years back, it became available in some local mall. Piaya is really good. Desserts are also a favorite of mine, especially halo-halo, ice-cream and ref cake (or mango float). The best dessert I really like is ref cake, topped with cookies and cream ice cream, sprinkled with crushed polvoron. I urge you to try it. It is really great. I prefer chocolates from any other kind of sweets. The taste of chocolate is good. Solid or liquid (hot or cold) chocolate is heavenly. White chocolates are my favorite. But I like other kinds of chocolates, too. Ofcourse, chocolates are the best. Everybody loves chocolate. I cannot enumerate all my favorite foods here. There is a lot of them. I am not a "choosy" eater. I will anything when I am hungry.
Experimenting with food is great experience. I have very limited knowledge in cooking, that is why I do not experiment in cooking. I only experiment with cooked or made food. I mix them, or eat them together. That is why midnight snacks are a go for me. I am really lucky that my room is near our kitchen, talk about convenience. I only have to prepare myself the food I want to eat. One night, I prepared myself sandwiches of the left over corned beef and egg, then I took some pancit, the last slice of buko pie, some crackers that I put some peanut butter on and a cold fried chicken. After the good meal, I finished it with some salad and a glass of coke. That was one of the best meals I ever had. My grand midnight snacks are rare because it is seldom that you will find me still awake very late, and rarely you will find the ref stocked with goods. But I really love those nights when I eat those grand meals, while reading a book or finishing some work or project.
Eating outside is also cool. Restaurants and fast food chains are good places to eat a good meal. My dream is to eat in some top class restaurant. But street vendors have some great street foods to offer as well, though maybe harmful. I often eat here, I like street foods. When my friends, or my mother,and I have some night "gimiks" or activities, we often browse around the vendors and have a great meal. You cannot find this kind of good meal and thrill in some fancy restaurant
Food trips with my friends are really great. Either with shiawarmas, tacos, fishballs or the like. But I learned a really cool food trip from my classmates back in high school. We buy some potato chips, cookies, corn chips, peanuts and other "chichirias", then proceed to the food court. We take a food tray and pour and mix what we bought in the tray. We make something like a "junk food salad" and share. After the meal, we drink water from the food court. People around us stare at us amusingly. We did this several times and it is really a fun "food trip".
Eating, wild or tame, is a great experience. Eating can make you realize that life is good. The enjoyment of eating can be doubled if you are with your family and/or friends. It is a great experince eating with someone. We do not only eat just for the sake of survival. We do not eat just to feed the body. But we eat also eat to feed the soul. Eating physical food can feed the soul. It makes you think about the goodness of God in providing you with good food. Then the thoughts will shift to all the blessing and goodness in your life, and thanking God for it. That is what is unique with humans, we are not animals who only eat for the sake of satisfying the stomach. God gave us the gift of meditating, thinking of life, appreciating blessings, improving relationships and simply enjoying the food with others or with only ourselves as we satisfy the stomach.

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