Tuesday, June 06, 2006


In life a person needs friends. Friendship is the best bond in the world. Friendship is so strong. Friends help each other to be better persons. Friends love and understand each other. Friends help each other in time of need. Friends share things. I think friends are the greatest possesions in this physical world. For me, before two people became lovers they must be friends first. Parents and chjildren should be friends. A ruler and his subjects should become friends. The boss and the employee should be friends. Friendship is a give and take relationship. In which a real friend thinks more about giving than recieving. If more people will be friends with each other, our world will be a better place. I thank the Lord for giving me many friends. In school, in church and in other places. I have friends throughout the whole archipelago. I also belong to two groups that I can see true friendship, the YCFC (Youth Circle For Christ) and the CCC (Cutting Classes Club or Chivalrous Citizens of the Country). These two circle of friends I have is different from each other but I both belong to them. I am lucky to be a member of great groups like these. In conclusion, I will say that friendship is the best and basic relationship.

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