Friday, June 23, 2006

The Heat's Hour

The Miami Heat had their first NBA Championship. Well, congratulations to them. And congratulations to Dwyane Wade for being the Finals MVP. He deserved it. But I was not rooting for the Heat in this season's NBA Finals. I was rooting for the Dallas Mavericks. My bets were on them. I really wanted the championship for the Mavs.

Gary Payton finally had his ring - after being disappointed in the 2004 NBA Finals. Alonzo Mourning was another veteran who finally got his ring. And I think Jayson Williams, James Posey and Antoine Walker (along with Payton) are really glad they were able to join the club earlier in the season and win a championship. Shaquille O'neal is happy, too…although this is his fourth championship. He promised when he joined the club last season that he will take a championship to Miami. Though, he contributed his part in the Heat's success - it was Wade who carried the Heat in the Finals.

After the Lakers lost to the Suns, I was supporting for the Mavs to win the championship. I was beginning to admire Avery Johnson's genius. And I was confident that Dirk Nowitzki could carry the Mavs. Especially with great support from Josh Howard, Jason Terry and Eric Dampier. And the bench is well stocked, too…with Jerry Stackhouse leading the bench. I was glad when the Mavs defeated the Suns in the Western Conference Finals. They were finally going to the Finals for the first time in franchise history. Great plays, player rotation and game adjustments are the weapons of Dallas in getting through the playoffs. And I believed these weapons will also let them get through the red-hot Heat. It was the first time of Dallas in the Finals. And they know it was going to be war with Miami. And the genius "Little General" Johnson is leading them to battle.

Shaq was over-confident and cocky in the Finals. He was boasting that he was dominant. And he was making fun of the opposition's center, Dampier. He said Dampier (or any other Dallas center) can't stop him. He said that Damp could only be dominant if he joined the WNBA as "Erica Dampier". It was not a nice joke but it was certainly funny (I really had a good laugh with Shaq's joke). But he was not really that dominant in the Finals. In fact, he only scored five points in Game Two…and he was really boring. I think he had bad luck in the Finals because of his bad attitude.

It was both teams' first time in the Finals. Dallas took the first two games. I was confident they would win. Dirk, Terry and Howard are great (mostly Terry). They were able to contain Shaq. Avery Johnson is a genius. What more signs do I have to see? The Mavs were sure to win. The Heat did not have anything to stop the Mavs. But I forgot two things that I only remembered when the Heat won consecutive games - Pat Riley was also a basketball genius (he's a legend in coaching) and Dwyane Wade.

Riley was cool in the Finals. He was not bothered the Mavs won the first two games. He knew they could still win. And he was right. Riley is a great coach.

And Dwyane Wade was unstoppable. He carried the team, and led them to win. Shaq might have been playing not the same as he was but Miami has one more superstar… Wade. And he delivered and did what he should do.

One thing that bothers me is Game Five. The Mavs can still win that one. The Dallas' loss on Game Five was stupid. That last time out was wasted. It was really stupid. But what can we do? Time can't be turned. With the Heat winning all their home games and with the momentum with them, they won Game Six at Dallas. The Heat won the championship. It was really sad for the Mavs.

Before the Finals there was a poll in in who will win the championship. I voted Dallas in six games. But the top vote getter was Miami in six games. Many thought that the Heat would win the championship. I laughed at their predictions. But those who voted in the poll were right.

Anyway, the NBA season is over and the 2006 champions is the Miami Heat. We'll wait and see if they can win another one…or if the Dallas Mavericks will come back to the Finals and they are the ones that will win the championship. But I am Laker fan. So, I will be rooting for the Lakers next season. I believe they can win the championship next season. Mavs, Heat or Lakers - I'll just wait and see who will win next year's NBA Championship.

Till next season. I love this game!

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