Tuesday, June 06, 2006


You will read below some facts of two of the coolest persons in the world. Well, they are both cool for me anyway. Let me tell you about my parents.
My father, Efren V. Narido, was born August 29, 1954. He works as a government employee in City Treasurer's Office. He is quiet, industrious, trustworthy, kind, sweet-tempered and patient. He is a very cool person, calm, often quiet and not easily angered. He is a bookworm like me and collects books, mostly Christian books, Bibles in different translations, and theology materials. He also likes to have fun, though some people do not think so. He loves to make mango float and the family usually consumes a batch in less than a week. He is the youth pastor of the local church of the Worldwide Church of God. He is also the current pastoral team chairman of our local congregation.
He graduated in AB economics. Before that, he studied for one semester in Engineering and after graduation, he studied four semesters in accountancy but did not finish. When he was a young adult, he took different jobs before marrying my mom and landing a job as a Government Employee.
He is a man of talents. He once writes in the local paper. He contributes stories and feature articles to papers. He can also draw well. When I was still little, I always ask him to draw things for me, especially super heroes. He took a correspondence course in drawing and cartooning. I do not think he finished it. He gave me his workbooks when I was old enough. He can also play the sports of bowling and volleyball. He is a great bowler.
He did not marry fast. He waited until he was in his early 30's. I think he worked hard first and enjoyed being a bachelor first before searching for a wife. He married someone who is twelve years younger then him. He took trips around the Philippines with his friends. Once, he stayed in Mindanao for months.
As a father, he is the best for me. When I was a little I was spanked with a belt when I do something wrong, now it does not hurt me anymore. Now, my father punished me more painfully if I do something wrong, he cuts my allowance. When he was a little boy he did not have a lot of toys. Therefore, he gave me toys that he wants when he was little. My favorite toy, a radio-controlled car, was given to me as a gift in one of my birthdays. He was the first one to play with it. He also likes pellet guns. He bought a couple of them in the past years. We played with those toy guns in the past years and now they are all broken.
My mother, Myra Leslie J. Narido, was born on December 9, 1966. She is currently unemployed. However, she worked many times before, in the Capitol and in National Power Corporation. She is talkative, industrious, proud, resourceful, jolly and intelligent. Unlike my father, she is short-tempered and sometimes act she know all things. It is fine with me. As long as she can, she tries to give my sister and me all we need and want. She can play several musical instruments. However, I really like her when she plays the bandurya. She plays it very well. I can say she is a music lover. She is the youth coordinator of the local church of Worldwide Church of God. With my father being the youth pastor and my mother the youth coordinator, they founded the Youth Circle For Christ or YCFC. Of course, I am a member.
My mother finished college. She took the course of accountancy. She was a stand out student when she was still studying. She was always at the top of the class. She was also able to participate in contests and activities. She even went to a national press conference. She can be a journalist and she writes well.
My mother is very kind in giving to us. We get along very well even though she usually scold me and I sometimes talk back. However, we forgive each other and I am always sorry when I talk back.
She gives her best in doing things. She wants it is near to perfection. She always says to me that I should do all I can in doing work. Sometimes she scold me when I do a work wrong but it is okay to me.
As a mother, she is the best for me although I am sometimes irritated when she scold or nag. I know she is only doing this so that I can be better person. I like her because she gives what is her best in work. I think she is close to become a workaholic, but not exactly. She is also fun loving and energetic. I think I got my "wild" side from her.
They are my parents. They are not perfect, but hey they are the best in the world. I am proud that they are my parents.

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