Tuesday, June 06, 2006


My sister's name is Wanda Li An Narido. She was born on May 26, 2000. I am at least eleven years older than she is. She is cute and chubby, and I usually tickle her belly. She is very energetic and very talkative. She is also very naughty and takes things that are not hers. I am sometimes annoyed when she takes my things. My mother is also annoyed when Wanda takes her things. We fight almost everyday but there is no sibling war between us. She loves toys, and takes some of my toys. She also loves to watch Disney Channel and Nickolodeon and never gets tired even if the shows are repetitive. She is still a baby, is still dependent to my mother, and usually cries when my mother leaves her. She can be annoying but she can also be entertaining. She goes to school now, and I am the one who takes her to school. She likes to go to school often, but gets tired sometimes. She likes to learn but likes to learn the easy way. In school, she is naughty sometimes and my mother scolds her. However, she can be very smart sometimes. Like most babies, she can make friends easily. It amazes me. For example, in a playing corner, Wanda will play with some kids and later they are all friends. She likes to play with her friends. She can be very destructive sometimes when playing. Especially if she is with her friends, they can become a baby army. My sister has a special skill, being able to stand hunger and still be able to remain energetic. She can sometimes not eat a meal as long as she is enjoying herself. Especially when she is watching TV, she can spend a whole day without eating. My sister is the best. She is my only sister. I spend nearly eleven years of my life as an only son. Then she came, I was not jealous of my sister. Only insecure persons get jealous of their siblings. It was more joyful when she came to the family. We get along well. Sometimes I bribe her to play with my toys so I can watch TV for a while because she shouts when I change the channel when she is watching TV. I love my sister, although she is my "antagonist". We work together sometimes and we must learn to get together very well because she is my only sister and I am her only brother.

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