Monday, June 19, 2006


Technology certainly is popular today. Believe it or not, but it seems that one-half of the world's development in terms of technology and knowledge happen in the past century. Technology finds ways to make work easier and faster, it gives conveniences, it develops relationships and it improves certain systems. Thought it has negative effects, let us be optimistic and see its positive effects.

We can see that the work of technology has great impact on our society. Products of technology are almost everywhere. Men have made technology a necessity. Communication has been greatly improved. You can communicate to anyone, anytime, anywhere, because of technology. Transportation has been also improved. You can travel further and faster. Nowadays, we can do work twice or thrice better with the use of machines. By the use of technology, medicine and health has been improved. We can cure sickness faster and better than a century ago. Surgery is also improved and can now do more things better and safer because of technology. And for Christians, they are thankful for technology for being a great tool in the Great Commission.

I appreciate all this technology. I am writing this essay with the help of a computer. I am thankful for the computer, as it helps you in your work, in your study, gives you entertainment and heaps more. It is a great advantage as it is more convenient than using a typewriter or by free hand. I am thankful for the fluorescent light, as it gives light even when the sun is not around. Television and radio not only brought information and current events but also entertainment. Instead of walking, I go to school riding a public jeepney. In my chores, products of technology help me a lot. I sometimes cook rice by the use of a rice cooker. When I wash my clothes, the washing machine is a great help.

God bless the greatest invention since the wheel, the Internet. It is a great tool for information, communication and interaction. Without it, you will not be able to read this blog. Without it, there will be no Youtube, Friendster, Yahoo or all our favorite websites. I can watch the Naruto episodes, or other shows or videos, in the Internet (via Youtube and other sites). If I did not catch the latest NBA game, I can find the results of it at the Internet. Or if I need a tab to learn in guitars, there are sites for it, too. I manage to keep in touch with my friends. You can do or get almost everything from the Internet. And the blessed Internet is because of technology, too.

Consider this…my best friend, Madel, and I would never have been best friends if not for technology. We met in SEP Cebu 2002 in Compostela. After that, we manage to keep in touch by cellphone and Internet. I live in Bicol, she lives in Cebu. We never really talked much back at SEP Cebu. And when she visited Bicol four years later, we only got the chance to talk in a few days. Those were the only times we talked in person. Without technology (via cellphone and Internet), we would had been not able to communicate through the years. Without technology, we would had never been close… we would had not became best friends.

And consider this… before my girlfriend became my girlfriend, we really did not talk much in person. Back in high school, when we see each other we only communicate with smiles and "hellos". We rarely talked long. It was impossible to for my classmates to notice that I like her. We were only able to talk freely in text…by cellphone. Without this, we would have never known each other well. We would have never been close. She might have not become my girlfriend.

I appreciate a lot about technology although it also has hazards and disadvantages. Radiation, pollution and heat are some of it. It also contributes to the growing laziness of humans and its dependency on machines. As my high school Physics teacher says, "Human are becoming mechanized, while machines are becoming humanized." The scenario in the Matrix movies may come true. But technology may be the one to destroy its own disadvantages.

Technology has been very significant in our lives. Our generation is already putting technology in the necessity list in a human's life, along with food, water, clothing and shelter. My friends, technology is a great gift from above. Let us all use it well.

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