Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Power of Reading

I am a book worm. I guess, I am nearly a bibliomaniac. But I assure you I am still sane. Yes, I love to read. Come to think of it, one of my hobbies is collecting literature. I collect novels, pocket books, comics, magazines, encyclopedias, etc. I collect, as much as I read, almost any kind of literature. Hey, I even have a newspaper archive. I have a big collection now, because of more than ten years of collecting. Most of them are housed in the three compartments of my old cabinet (one is for my clothes). My family is a bunch of readers as well. My father has a good collection as well.
Reading literature does not only improves your vocabulary but it is some kind of meditation, too. Literature is a beautiful art. It lets your imagination flow. When you read about a biography about someone, you are part of it. When you read an awesome fictional story, you are a part of it. When you read about the cool adventures of a super hero, you are part of it. When you concentrated well in reading, you became part of the action. Reading is a cool way of learning about life. You can learn a lot from literature. It not only entertains but teaches as well. You will learn the ideas of different people. You learn values in life in literature. You will learn humorous or terrible facts in life thru litearature. The power of reading is great. And when you become a great reader, you will certainly be a great writer.
But all of us should know our responsibilities. Reading is power, so we should be responsible. Reading should be used for good. Remember to discard all the negative points and absorb the positive points. The ideas of other people should not influence us greatly. We have our own principles and ideas. We should not let the ideas of others influence us greatly. We should first make sure that his or her ideas are right. All readers should be a mature reader. Never letting himself fully be influenced but should also be open minded. A mature reader should know the right and wrong points and parts of a literature. If we do our part, reading will certainly be a great experience.

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