Tuesday, June 06, 2006

High School Reflections

I graduated from high school last March 31 in a nice graduation ceremony. Therefore, my high school life is over. The last four years were the best of my life. I learned many things. My interests widened. I met many wonderful people. My perspective upgraded. Identity settled. Talents discovered and improved. Memorable moments collected. Experiences gained. Missions accomplished. And… I grew 15% taller during the time.
I learned many things in high school, inside and outside the classroom. I learned of atoms, theorems, grammar, literature, Broadway, chiaroscuro, axioms, GDP, html, etc. I also learned of emotions, values, principles, rules, community, life and such. I also enjoyed amazing quotes from our teachers like the one of our Physic teacher’s “In the ocean of life, God is our buoyant force, no matter how strong the winds or gigantic the waves are, we shall not sink as long as we are anchored on Him…” and witty comments like our TLE IV teacher’s “The reason students get very low grades in tests is that they don’t follow instructions… the instructions say ‘choose the correct answer’ but they choose the wrong one instead!”
My interest also widened. Reading has maintained itself as my primary pastime, but I only learned to appreciate all kinds of literatures in the early part of my teenage years. I am a gamer since elementary, and I still am. And as new games came, I found myself “addicted” as they arrive. My love for music also increased during high school, prompting me to improve my musical skills. I also learned to play basketball during high school and it became my favorite sport. I am not athlete material but I am thankful I learned to play basketball.
I met many unique and interesting people. I had great friends that shared high school with me. They were amazing people, especially the CCC. CCC members were the collection of the best boys in our batch. Talent, brains, looks, charisma, etc… you can find all of them in the CCC.
I also met in high school a very wonderful girl that captured my heart. In the first year of my high school life, I said to myself that I do not want to have a girlfriend. I was so sure of myself that I will never fall for someone. Three years later, I discovered that my feelings to a girl I like is not simple “crush” anymore. Few months later, she became my girlfriend.
It was another thing I learned in high school. You can never be so sure. You change. Identities and personalities vary. High school is a transition period. In those four years, I really grew and changed.
I have to admit that I was not exactly a “model student” in high school. I was very mischievous and fun loving. I like “trippings” and practical jokes (I will miss those things). I was not a notorious rule breaker, but it does not mean I did not break any rules. I have a clean record in the guidance office, but it does not mean I did not get into trouble. I am not a warfreak, but I had one or two fights when I was not able to control myself (I avoid fights but I am not a pushover). I have no vices but I cut classes when I get tired. I cut classes when I grew tired of schooling, occasionally going to the cafĂ© or just hanging around. CCC members cut classes in small groups or in wide scale walkouts (when protesting because the lessons are boring). But we were able to get good enough grades anyway since we are not really bad students. Boys are just full of mischief and fun.
High school is certainly the best. Now it’s all over. The four years I spent in high school was one of the most wonderful years of my life. I will never trade them for anything. I thank God for those blessed years. It’s a bit sad that it is now all over. But like before, I need another transition. I need to “grow up” again. I need to grow out of the mischievous boy to become a responsible young man. I need to learn new things, obtain new knowledge, discover new talents, find new interests, gain more experiences, upgrade perspectives, improve my identity, meet new people, collect more memorable moments, accomplish new missions and maybe grow a little taller. I need to move on with my life. College is a lot different from high school but I think it’s not that bad. It might be interesting, too. We’ll see what college has to offer.

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