Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CHAIN OF THOUGHTS: FROM Loving The Movies TO Surviving Accountancy

Loving The Movies

I do really enjoy watching movies. In theaters, cable, VCDs, DVDs… No matter what medium. I enjoy almost any movies, but lessons, thoughts worth pondering, great plot and story line makes me enjoy it more. My list of favorite movies is long… but it consists mostly of animation (especially Disney), comedy and action.
I cannot remember how I started to love the movies. Maybe from my father's influence since he is very fond of movies. I started to love movies since I was a child. There was even a time when I was still in elementary when my family went to the movies weekly.
I can still remember some firsts in my movie viewing experience. The first movie that made me cry was "The Land Before Time". The first movie that I watched in a movie theater without any companion was "Star Wars Episode II: The Attack Of The Clones". The first movie that I really love was "Spider-Man 2". The first movie that I watched several times was "Small Soldiers". The first romantic story that did not bore me was "Cutting Edge". Hmmm, but I cannot remember my other firsts…like my very first movie, my first movie in cable, my first movie in VHS, VCD…and such.
The last movie I watched in the cinema was Narnia, with my girlfriend (That was the second time I watched Narnia, the first time I watched it was in VCD - pirated of course J). Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe is currently my number one most favorite movie (Spider-Man 2 used to occupy that spot). The movie contains many Christian principles and allegories. I hope the other movie versions of the other Narnia books are good, too (if there are any plans).
Well, movies are really cool and entertaining. But I watch movies not only for entertainment. But also to get lessons, ideas and thoughts from them. Movies, for me, are like extended literature. Like literature, you can get a lot of things from movies - both positive and negative. That is why there should be some responsibility while watching movies. Absorb the positive things from the movie and discard the negative ones - and don't forget to enjoy the movie.
Relax see a movie.

Spider-Man 3

I saw a trailer of the coming Spider-Man 3 and I find it interesting. After seeing the trailer, it made me excited for it to come. But I guess its still a long time before it arrives (maybe next year).
I saw that Sandman is going to be included. He has some clips in the trailer. And its obvious that Spidy's conflict with Harry Osborn will continue. (Marvel fact: Norman Osborn is Sandman's cousin - I do not know if the Sandman in the movie will be related to the Osborns). I do not know if Venum is part of the story but the black alien symbiote is going to be. It's going to be nice to see Spidy in black (I liked the black Spider-Man in the comicbook). Spider-Man 3 looks promising.
I enjoyed the previous Spider-Man movies a lot. Those movies inspired and touched me. The stories were good also. I hope Spider-Man 3 will not be an anti-climax to the two previous movies (like X-Men 3). For the time being, I will wait patiently (or unpatiently?) for it to come.
X-Men 3

I just saw X-men 3 last weekend by DVD. The DVD won’t run after my first tries to play it on our PC. But after a few more approaches, I was able to play it. I enjoyed X-Men 3, but below my expectations. It was kind of lacking - and a little frustrating. I was bit disappointed since the third movie was not as good as the first one - just a little better or a little worse than the second. It was kind of not very good ending for the Trilogy (if X-Men III: The Last Stand is really the last X-Men movie).
First, I don't like the "cure" for mutants in the story. Mutants losing power? Well, if that's the case - mutants losing their powers - Forge and his neutralizer gun should had been part of the movie. Sheesh… But I have to admit, it was a good background for the flow of the story.
Mystique out of action very early and Magneto ditching her? Come on. And worse, Cyclops was again under used in the story (like in X-Men II) - early in the movie he was killed by the Phoenix. Poor Cyclops… he was supposed to be the ever charismatic and valiant leader of the X-Men. And then the death of Professor X… another downer.
Though, Beast was cool (two thumbs up - Henry McCoy was awesome! His scenes with Logan were first-rates)… Angel was not. Angel's role in the movie was minimal. And where is Blob? (Just a cameo?) A Brotherhood with no Blob. Multiple Man in the Brotherhood? Why not let him remain in X-Factor, and I will be happy. And where was Nightcrawler? I thought he was going to remain in the team. But I have no problems with the Juggernaut in the movie. I also have no problems with Kitty Pyrde (Shadowcat) and Colossus. Lastly, it would have been nice if Gambit was there.
Honestly, I was hoping Apocalypse or Onslaught to be the main villain (and maybe the Sentinels as his minions) - with Professor X's X-Men and Magneto's Brotherhood to stop him. And then the Dark Phoenix pitches in. Wouldn't that be cool. I don't care if it did not happen that way, but they should
Well, that was that. X-Men III was like that. Though I have many complains, I cannot do anything about it. As usual, it was a Wolverine movie (but I got no problem with that). I just guess I was expecting a better X-Men III. I hope that X-Men III is not the last of the X-Men movies. It would be nice if it will be followed. I just hope I will not be disappointed with Spider-Man 3.

Flight Of The Phoenix

The day before I watched X-Men 3, I watched Flight Of The Phoenix at the Dawals'. It was after our band practice and the Wilbur decided to play Flight Of the Phoenix in their DVD player. I enjoy that movie more than I enjoyed X-Men 3.
It was a fine story - a group of people stranded in the middle of the dessert after a plane crash and very minimal chance of anyone finding them. Then they figured out that the only way to survive was to build a new plane out of the old one and fly out of the dessert. The crash survivors had very different and interesting personas. It was very entertaining to watch them in their conflict to survive. Dennis Quaid is good in his performances here like he did in "The Rookie" and "The Alamo".
I recommend this movie to all of you. Got a lot of lessons and inspiration material. I cannot tell you more details in the movie and you will appreciate it more if you watch it yourself. Flight Of The Phoenix is already an "old" movie but I really enjoyed watching it though it is not part of the "latest". Flight Of The Phoenix is certainly a first-rate for me.


Got me into thinking - this generation is certainly into entertainment. Entertainment has become a very significant and put in high regard by the people. It seems that Entertainment has become a part of the basic human necessities - like food and shelter.
To prove my point - guess how much a NBA superstar, a WWE wrestler or a movie actor gets in his job?
Entertainment has a big influence nowadays. A lot of people are using entertainment as a medium - like evangelism (hey don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with that… I have nothing against it) and education. I have nothing against entertainment since it is not bad and I, myself, appreciates it. But it seems that people are prioritizing it above others.
Like I did - instead of studying, I decided to watch X-Men 3.

Surviving Accountancy

I am not sure if I will last in Accountancy. Though I do not hate Accountancy as my course, but I do not love it either. And I do not have a good studying habit. Like last weekend, instead of studying I watched X-Men 3.
I have to maintain a grade of 2.4 or above to remain studying Accountancy. My school has some high standards. I am not used to pressure. A month has already passed since I first stepped into college and I am missing many things from high school. But I have to move on and grow up.
I am always wondering if what did happen if I decided to go to UP and take Com Sci instead of staying in BU for Accountancy. Computers seem more interesting than Ledgers and Journals. But I am not regretting deciding to stay here. Maybe, I will learn to like Accountancy (and college) by and by.
God made me passed that exam for the most exclusive and difficult course in the best school in the region. I guess He will be the one that will allow me to continue and finish my course. If, by miracle, I will graduate in Accountancy - and no matter what success I will have in my life, I will give God the glory…

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