Sunday, August 27, 2006


Summerslam is over. WWE, again, prepared an entertaining and good pay-per-view. I was really looking forward for Summerslam. The prepared matches were great. But what I was really looking forward for was the Legend vs. Legend Killer match, Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton.
I am not happy at the results - Hulk Hogan won against Orton. Orton should have won; he was a rising superstar and had a long list of legends he defeated. Hogan on the other hand is already past his prime (though he is still popular to the fans). I have complains on the match itself, I guess the match with The Rock (when will he be back?) and Hollywood Hulk Hogan back in Wrestlemania X8 was better than the Hogan-Orton match. I was expecting Orton's match to be much much better. But I guess my expectations were wrong.
Well, Summerslam has ended and that is that. I guess the only way to appease my disappointment with the Hogan-Orton match was for a rematch - with a good fight and eventually Orton winning J.
I am glad D-X won, and Umaga was taken care of by Kane. Wonderful match. The D-X is really great!!!

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