Monday, September 11, 2006


I once reacted to something (which I forget what it is) and said, "That's a lot of nonsense." A friend gave her opinion; "There is no such thing as nonsense, only close to nonsense." My puzzled look may have prompted another friend to explain to me that, "A person may find a thing nonsense, but to another person it may be full of sense." I weakly smiled and nodded my reply to show comprehension... it made sense.
You see, we are all unique. We all have different opinions and different things that we value. Music to one, may be noise to another. A treasure of one may be trash to another. An art for one may be eyesore for the other. A touching story to one may be full of crap for another. And ever heard the statement, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"?
So, I guess we all have to respect each other since we find things about us varying. Philosophies, religion, politics, values, etc. of people vary. Respect is needed for harmony. I guess, this is one reason why there is a lot of conflict in this world… because they do not respect that one thing they find a lot of nonsense made a lot of sense to other people.
I do not know about you… You find it full of "nonsense" but for me, what was said made sense…

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