Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I like it when there are a few clouds, or none at all, during the night. I like to look at the stars and the moon. Sometimes, when I get lonely, depressed or if something is bothering me, I look at the night sky. I look above in awe…

I used to dream, back when I was a small kid, of being an astronaut when I grow up. I wanted to blast off to outer space, to float in weightlessness, to watch the Earth from above, to walk on the moon, and reach for the stars…
Back then, being a small kid, dreaming and admiring the outer space, I read a lot about it: planets, space flight, heavenly bodies… I was deeply interested in learning about th Space, and how to get there.
I don't dream of being an astronaut anymore, though I still like the idea than being a CPA. Me, being, an astronaut may not be impossible… but close.

But although I lost my dream of being a n astronaut, I still am interested about Space. I read and watch sci-fi; keep informed about new discoveries and new space projects; Moon Landing Conspiracy; hazards of space junk; possibility of life on Mars; aliens… I'm still into those things. And I will never outgrow my liking of looking up the cloudless night sky… to wonder and ponder.

I'm not really aware of star constellations, star positions and other astronomical stuff (the only things I can identify in the night sky is the moon and the "big dipper [or is it the small?]"). But I want to learn about them someday… want to learn astronomy.
And I wish I have high-powered binoculars, or wish that I still have my telescope (the one my lil sis broke).
But, at least, you don't need fancy gadgets and not being aware about "star facts" does not hinder me to admire the night sky.

I am not really sure why looking above at night time at the stars and the moon comforts me, calms me or cheers me. But it is so.
Maybe it's one reason God created them.

Lately, I have been looking above the night sky a lot. I have been often thinking about a lot of things. At our house's third floor, with my acoustic guitar, and a cup of coffee and pack of crackers beside me, I look above… and think.

And sometimes, while I admire at the beauty of the night sky, and outer space… I think of a more beautiful and glorious place which is located way beyond the skies and Space.
Heaven… I believe in that place. God's place. Where there is no sorrow, worry and wants. Where complete peace, joy and satisfaction lies.
One great evidence that it exists is you can catch a glimpse of Heaven in this Earth. Some of the things I catch a glimpse of it are when I see: a happy occasion, a selfless deed, an inspiring event, love, faith, hope, unity, miracles, wondrous works of Nature, breathtaking views, a beautiful sunset, or looking at the night sky…

Looking above brings comfort, cheer and calmness - no matter how down you are - looking above can do that.
Heartbreak is no match against Heaven. Hell can never prevail against Heaven. If you are having a Hell in your life, look above!

I wonder if I'll see a meteor shower or a comet, tonight?
Anyway, I'll enjoy the night sky, I'll strum the guitar and sing my heart out, enjoy the heavenly taste of coffee, and ponder on the fact that all joy and suffering in this world is temporary… and dream of my future Home…
I don’t need to be an astronaut to fly there…

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