Wednesday, November 29, 2006


We make choices everyday. It's part of human life. From choices of eternal consequences, to the simple choosing of what dress to wear.

People sometimes get into trouble because of making a choice without thinking about it. They just jump into it, without proper thinking. In making decisions and choices, the consequences, advantages and disadvantages of each option should be evaluated.

I don't like dilemmas. I feel uncomfortable in times of dilemmas. I believe most people do too. Dilemmas - to make a choice. Ethics. Moral issues. For good or bad. Right or wrong. Life and death. Weighing the things we want and need. To ought to do and want to do. For our own good, or for the greater good.

Dilemma is the gift and curse of free will. Sometimes we try postpone making decisions. But sometime, we have to conclude, to say the final word, to finally decide… we cannot escape dilemmas. And it is better to face it than run from it.

And the pain or happiness of our choices are things that we cannot avoid. It is easier said than done, "think first before we act." But we all know, it's hard. And sometimes, even if we know the terrible consequence of a particular choice, we still go for it.

Every choice has a reward, or punishment. And dilemmas are there to make us think of our options. So, how will we resolve dilemmas? I think a very beautiful line in Spider-Man 2 is the answer to this question.
It goes something like this:

"Sometimes, in doing what is right, we have to be steady… to give up we ever wanted, even our dreams."

And I say amen to that.

* * *

I encountered a very difficult dilemma recently.

It was a weekday night, and I just finished a homework in Business Statistics. At last, it was time for some relaxation. To read a book, play my guitar or laze around.

I decided to get some snack while I relaxed myself. And I had two options of what I should eat. Apples were on the dining table, and a Tobleron chocolate was in the ref.
Should I choose an apple or a chocolate? Dilemma.

I weighed each one. The apple is more nutritious and better for my body. However, the chocolate might cause teeth problems, and it is a "junk food." So, after considering and evaluating… the answer to my dilemma was easy.
I took the chocolate.

(Hey, I love chocolates… so sue me :)… and besides, tradition tells us that Eve got into trouble when she chose the apple)

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