Saturday, December 23, 2006

Appreciating the Mayon

This thought is about the Mayon Volcano. What about the Mayon Volcano? It is the most perfectly shaped cone-shaped volcano in the world. It is one of the wonders of the world. It has been part of the lives of Albayanos. It even had a story of its origin in local legend. It has provided income for the local government of Albay through tourism. It also provided anguish to the settlers near the volcano when there is an eruption. But all in all, the Mayon Volcano is the pride of Albay. Those visiting in Albay admire the volcano. Its beauty spellbinds them. Its magnificence awes them. But Albayanos take for granted this beautiful creation of God. Most Albayanos just ignore it. They got used of this wonder. Most Albayanos may not fully appreciate Mayon Volcano. As for me, its beauty makes me see that God is amazing for making such wonderful volcano. But what I realized most in life about the Mayon Volcano is appreciating things. In our lives, God made beautiful things around us. We might take them for granted. And might realize its true value when it has disappeared from our lives. We might not be able to appreciate the good things that happen to us. And might see its significance when it has already gone. All these beautiful things we do not appreciate for we take them for granted. I think we should not wait until they are taken away from us before we see the beauty of the things around us. The beauty of the persons dear to us. The beauty of the good things in our lives. The beauty of ourselves. And by seeing the beautiful things in our lives, we will praise God for realizing that He is amazing for creating such wonderful things. Let us start now to show our appreciation for the "Mayon Volcanoes" in our lives.

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