Saturday, December 23, 2006


Failure. Honestly, I am a little afraid of it (maybe more than a little). I hate it. But of course, I had experienced failure many times in my life. And it hurts. Failure stings. Failure can be very hard. I know that I am not alone. Many people also hate failure, because it hurts. Failure to keep a promise. Failure in education or career. Failure in love. Failure in life. However, we should see the positive things even when we fail. According to the German General von Stuelpnagel in 1944, “No defeat is final. Defeats are simply lessons to be learned in preparation for the next and greater attack.” Strive to draw valuable lessons from every failure you suffered. Yes, failure is painful. But failure makes our success “deliciously” glorious. Besides, we have the Almighty Author of True Success to turn to in time of failure. He wants us to overcome the pulls and pushes of wrong desire. He wants us to succeed in life, by seeking and following the Truth. And, He will share us His success and happiness for eternity. Failure is hard, but how can we appreciate the success without experiencing failure?

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