Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sailing in Life

Here is a story: To improve efficiency, a company hired a consultant, who called a meeting of all shop personnel. Stressing the need to listen to experts, he said, "Imagine you're on the Titanic, and it's sinking. You climb into a lifeboat. Which direction would you row?" He continued, "What if you had the ship's navigator with you? Now which way would you go? You'd row the way the navigator told you to, right?" There were murmurs of approval among the personnel. They agreed with the point of the consultant until one fellow in the back piped up, "Well, I don't know. He's already hit one iceberg!"
That was a rather humorous story. But I ask you, who is the navigator of your life? I remembered the last line of the famous poem, Invictus. I think it goes like this, "I am the master of my faith and the captain of my soul!" Many people think so, too. This line from the Invictus is the motto of humans. We believe we are the ones who should control our lives. We believe we make the outcome of our lives. We want to be the boss of our lives. Human nature makes us serve three persons, "Me, Myself and I". It is all about us. We cannot stomach someone controlling our lives. We want to live for our own. Doing what we think is right. Lives became miserable because of this philosophy. I think we should revise our motto to lead a meaningful life. It should go like this, "God is the master of my faith and the captain of my soul". Living for God and for others is a very meaningful life. God should be our boss. Trusting Him always and living for His pleasure. I truly believe that if we make Him the navigator of our lives, we will never hit an iceberg.

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