Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Step To National Recovery

A priest once told this following story:
Satan gave a Filipino in Hell a privilege to call his friends that are left in this world by the use of the Hell's telephone. The Filipino was very happy to be able to call his friends from the afterlife. As he was about to call his friends, he observed in a list that there are expensive rates in calling to other countries. However, he noticed that calling to the Philippines is only cheap.
He asked Satan, "Why is it that the call rates to other countries are expensive while the call rate to the Philippines is cheap?"
Satan answered, "Calling to other countries are expensive because it is a long distance international call. The call to the Philippines is only a local one."
The story is a funny one. But seriously, is the Philippines really a "Hell"? Some people may think that living in this country is a, figurative or/and literal, "Hell". An Exaggeration? Maybe… but maybe not.
This country has really made a name for itself. Not only positively but, sadly, more on negatively. Our country is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Our country is nearly one of the poorest. Our country is known for a haven for criminals and terrorists. It seems that there is no one safe here because of countless snatchers, "holdapers" and kidnappers.
That is why tourism is weak here nowadays. And if, in some sense, tourism is great here it is because of prostitution, child trafficking and such. Our country has been branded as a "sex country" and many pedophiles, perverts and other sex maniacs chose to go here.
Drugs are so abundant here. Gambling is abundant, too. Filipinos are known for people who have many vices.
Most Filipinos have low discipline, moral and self-respect. Throwing garbage and spitting anywhere are instincts of Filipinos. People have no respect for rules.
Politicians and law-enforcers here are known to be related to crocodiles (buwayas). Politics and justice in the Philippines are big jokes. Everyone can be bribed. It seems that money and power are the only ones important. Worst of all, this kind of people run this country.
We cannot deny that this is our country. Full of poverty, corruption, blasphemy, hypocrisy, immorality and violence. So much for our country being "Asia's Only Christian Country".
Do not get me wrong. I am only stating the facts. I love my country. I am proud I am a Filipino (especially when Pacquiao wins a bout). I really do believe that this country can improve.
I am often thinking what kind of life will I face after I graduate in college. I can feel the sting of our country's "hell" today but I will certainly feel the full blast of it when I entered the real life. Will the status of this country be the same? Or it will change? But what kind of change? Will it grew worse or better?
What kind of Philippines will my generation and I find ourselves living in the future? Most of my peers really think much about the future. Sadly, my peers think that this country will never improve and they decided to quickly live this country if given the chance.
I really believe the theory about the "brain drain" of this country. Many talented Filipinos are using those talents for different countries. Foreign countries are the ones who benefit from the Filipino's talents. If this "brain drain" will continue, what kind of Philippines will it be in the future?
Our economy is always failing. Consider this fact, we sell lumber to Japan, then Japan sells plywood to us. Of course we are always losers in this kind of trading, we export raw materials and import manufactured ones. With the economy also failing, will the future of the youth in this country look good? Failing economy also leads to rarity in jobs. Maybe it is really the reason why many Filipinos choose to live this country, to find greener pastures.
This country has great natural resources, human talent and power, and opportunities. We only need proper management and manipulation of these advantages to improve our economy. But with leaders that are corrupt and Filipino morale low, this is vague to happen.
If these conditions in the Philippines will continue, this country will shortly be in chaos if not already in chaos. I guess we cannot blame those people who consider this country as a "Hell." Will there be a chance to change all of this?
For me there is only one thing that can change our country. That is if there will be a revival. Revival in our lives and revival for our country are the things that will change this country for the better. We need to recommit ourselves and this country to God.
Some may say, "Wait a minute. We are already committed to God. Remember that we are the only Christian nation in Asia. We, Filipinos, are already religious."
Yes, I agree that Filipinos are religious. But are they really committed to God? I don't think so.
God is the only one who can change this country for the better. Filipinos are religious but self-centered. Filipinos are religious but does not really trusts God. Filipinos are religious for themselves.
I saw documentaries about cities and countries fully humbling themselves before God and asking for help. They see that only God can make the difference. And their prayers were answered, their countries or cities greatly improved. Morals were raised, economies improved and the way of life flourished.
I really do think that this can also happen to our country. God revived those countries and cities and He can do this to us. I believe that God can and will heal this land if we surrendered ourselves to Him. All Filipinos should sincerely ask for a revival.
God is powerful and He can certainly "scare the Hell out of this country". As a young Filipino, what I can do is pray for a personal revival in my life first then pray for a national revival. Revival starts with one's self. The national thing will follow.
May God help and guide us. God bless the Philippines!

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