Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thought That Counts

This story is when my ex-girlfriend was not yet my girlfriend, more than a year ago. It was back when her birthday was coming near. And I decided to get her something for her birthday. I do not have a big allowance so I really do need to save up. For days, I saved my allowance and did not spend on snacks or anything. One day, my classmates and I were going towards the Internet CafĂ©. I decided to go with them. I do not plan to play with them but just watch and get some cold air from the airconditioner of the cafe. "Come on, Bernz, let's play," Josh Henry Regondola said to me. "I am saving my money," I replied. Josh knew that I am saving up to get something for my gift. "Come on, Bernz. She will not mind if you give her something cheap. It is the thought that counts," he insisted. That is Josh for you. He is a moron most of the time (hehehe…just kidding Josh). With a smile I shook my head and replied, "You are right, Josh. It is the thought that counts. That is why I want I want to give my best." He shrugged and gave up. And I hope he understands the point. After three weeks of saving, her birthday arrived. A weekend before her birthday, I purchased my gift. It was my best. I gave it to her on her birthday, feeling good with myself because it was the best I could give. A gift does not matter if it is expensive or cheap. It is the thought that counts. And being thoughtful means your best. It is the same with giving to God. It does not necessarily mean giving a few or much, as long as it is the best. Remember the story about the widow and the rich man in Mark 12:41-44? It is the same. What can you get when you give your best? Well, her smile when I gave the gift to her was enough for me. In the same way, wouldn't it be nice to make God smile?

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Anonymous said...

that was so sweet of you. but i never thought you could relate your feelings for bev with pleasing God.. :)hahaha.. you are certainly, the man.. -powlow