Friday, January 05, 2007

2006:The Year That Has Been

Year 2006 was, um, different… got me asking to myself, “All these things happened in just a year?” Some fun, got into troubles, some pains, some failures, some successes, learned new things… and a lot of things. Consider some of the things that happened this year:

Passed the UPCAT and BUCET. I graduated in high school. Saw my bestfriend after four years. My jazz guitar getting a small but ugly damage… arg! Got into college. Miami Heat’s championship, and Dwyane Wade’s Finals MVP. Won an acoustic guitar instrumental contest in our intramural’s litmus. The annoying Da Vinci Code controversy at its peak. Got my heart broken for the first time, when my girlfriend and I broke up. Kobe Bryant changed his jersey number to 24. Played in the best evangelization concert I had so far. The reconciliation of Triple H and Shawn Michaels, and the return of D-X. Me. Learning how to jump rope. Schumacher retiring, and Alonso winning the Formula One. My cats getting bullied by an ugly cat in our neighborhood for the entire year. Italy winning the World Cup. Pac-Man beats Morales in their third meeting (it was a Pac-Man year). The great journalist Max Soliven passed away, I'll miss his columns (the good thing is, his death's cause is not beacuse of political killing - which many journalists in this country suffered this year). Albay got hit by typhoons Kaloy, Milenyo and Reming (the last one triggering heavy flash floods of “lahar”); suffered most with Reming (strongest typhoon I experienced so far), killing and destroying a lot here in Albay (and me fighting 260 kph winds, trying to keep our door from being broken by the wind, but eventually the wind beating me and breaking the door hitting me hard on the face)… got the whole month of December with no classes, and no electricity… long lines in gasoline stations, ATM machines, grocery stores, water stations and charging stations… ten-peso lighter-flashlights very popular. The NY Knicks and Denver Nuggets’ brawl. The tsunami scare (with many cursing the bloody bastards who started it). Allen Iverson being traded to the Denver Nuggets, making an AI-Melo nucleus super team (this is yet to be seen when Carmelo Anthony returns). Saddam Hussein getting hanged before the year is over. First 007 movie (Casino Royale) of Daniel Craig. The con-ass, con-con, cha-cha, whatever. PDA winner Yeng Constantino’s “Hawak Kamay” the most popular song around. Lyndon Gregorio’s Beerkada went to Tokyo for their Christmas vacation. Got Mark Twain’s “Life on the Mississippi” and Louisa May Alcott’s “Jo’s Boys” as Christmas gifts (two of the books I really wanted of having in my collection). Getting a typhoon damaged Power Mark Comics compilation of series one. Before the end of the year, the settlement of the basketball crisis in the Philippine - in the delight of basketball fans like me. Me, learning how to whistle with my fingers. DOTA being the most popular game here this year. James Brown, godfather of soul, passing away. Enteng Kabisote III winning best picture in the Metro Filmfest. Michael Jordan getting a divorce. Max’s and National Bookstore franchises opened in Pacific Mall; both a first in Legazpi (Learned a new way of getting depressed… visit a National Bookstore branch and look at the prices on those wonderful books… voila, instant depression). I discovered this year that Edward L. Strateneyer, and members of his syndicate, is the author – or rather, the authors – of Hardy Boys and only used the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon; the same with Nancy Drew, Strateneyer is the one who is the author of Nancy Drew books, continues by his daughter Harriet S. Adams, and used the pseudonym Carolyn Keene (and I had always though all through this years that Franklin W. Dixon and Carolyn Keene are true persons and creators of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew respectively). And me, asleep at 12:00 of the New Year’s Eve of 2007… a first time in years.

What a year.

I wonder what would 2007 be like?

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