Sunday, January 14, 2007

Which between the two is better? Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar?

hmmmm. good question. what is the better instrument to play? it is true that the electric guitar is much used by bands nowadays. but the acoustic guitar can be played even without a pick up, even without electricity. so the acoustic is a portable jamming instrument. you use both guitars differently. i pluck an electric guitar by the use of the picking technique, with or without a pick. i pluck an acoustic guitar with my four fingers, which the pinkie is the only finger not used. in playing the electric guitar, it is cooler to see you standing with your strap extended enough so that the guitar is within or below your waist. in playing the acoustic guitar, it is cooler to see you sitting down on a stool. but what is really the cooler instrument to play? the electric guitar is a cool instrument. it can do many things an acoustic guitar cannot do. you can do many different effects and sounds from it by the use of an amp or/and an gadget. the use of distortion, overdrive, flanger, chorus, delay, echo, fuzz and many different kinds of effects allows you to do cool lead pieces and ad libs. muted strumming is more effective in an electric. artificial harmonics is also more effective. the sound from an electric can last a long time form the last time you ringed or plucked it by the use of an effect (overdrive usually). you can do a lot of things from an electric, especially the feedback technique. imagine using an acoustic guitar to play the cool Bon Jovi (or any rock band's) guitar fills and guitar instrumentals. the acoustic guitar has it's own beautiful sound. it has a unique clean sound better than clean electric guitar. maybe because of the wood and all the acoustics inside the guitar. classical guitar (the guitar with no fret marks, thicker neck and different tuning keys) is a cool instrument to play. especially if you studied to play it and knows how to play the guitar using notes, not only chords. some acoustic players uses cool styles different from classical playing. Like the guitar playing of Paolo Santos in "Foolish Heart", Ryan Cabrera in "True" and Chin in "Especially for You" (MYMP revival). the use of the Spanish guitar is also awesome, with that cool Latino feeling in its sounds. like in "Lonely No More", it was great and i think it is very difficult. doing the muting guitar is not bad in the acoustic guitar. you can see that in Avril Lavigne's "Why". now another question, what is much better, band versions or acoustic versions? well, it depends for me. often acoustic versions are just as good as the original band versions. like "My Immortal", "Suntok sa Buwan" and "Sige". and sometimes the acoustic version is much better. like the Eagle's favorite "Hotel California". i like the original one with all that cool fills and guitar solo. but the acoustic version is much better with the long intro and better guitar playing. now back to the question, what is much better, electric or acoustic? well, it depends on the taste of a person. i love both. both has cool and unique characteristics. besides, it does not matter what you love to play. what matters is why are you playing. is it to let yourself be recognized and glorified, or is it to have fun and please and praise God. the latter should be the answer. Glory to God!

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