Friday, January 05, 2007

Vision of Heaven

As the Sunday School song goes, “Heaven is a happy place…, Oh, I want to be there!” Hmmm, I do like to go there… I believe in Heaven. I cannot help but dare imagine what Heaven would be like.

According to St. John, the New Jerusalem would be covered with precious stones, and the streets are gold. Whoa, that would be a site. And I really cannot picture the banquet that will happen there, but it will be one-heck of a splendid celebration.

It is said that there will be a non-stop of praising of God in Heaven. It could be a sort of big-bash Woodstock-like concert. Imagine, Don Moen leading the worship in a millennia, then Ron Kenoly with the next millennia (both with the Integrity band, of course). Then, Hillsong will take the stage and then United! Jars of Clay, Steven Curtis Chapman, Darell Evans, Bob Fitts, Steve Kuban… and so on. I would really enjoy when Carman and Gary V would perform side by side. Of course, hymns shall be sung, too – with choirs (including a whole angel choir). And it would be nice if Petra can play a rock and roll version of “Amazing Grace”, I would certainly keep watch on John Newton’s face if it will turn into astonishment or amusement when the band plays his song. A concert for all eternity in Heaven, with all of us gets a chance to participate in the concert. Cool. (I wonder what would be the angels’ band would be called… the “Shining Ones”?)

There could be a very large library in Heaven where the entire world’s literatures are housed. Talking might be allowed here because it is so large that those who do not want to be disturbed by the talking should only transfer to some quiet, deserted corner of the library. Christian writers (writers of books, articles, novels, etc.) would hang out there regularly, like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, Max Lucado, Philip Yancey, John Grisham and the apostle Paul. They, and other literature lovers, writers and bookworms, would probably read study and write in this library. Me, for one, would probable spend a couple of hundred of years in that place at a time.

Heaven might have places for recreations and meditations. Think of all the wonderful sites and places in this world, and magnify their beauty and splendor by a hundredfold, that might how the places in Heaven would be like. One can relax and meditate in these places there. And as places for recreation, there could be parks. Parks that have golf courses, baseball fields, soccer fields, football fields and basketball courts for friendly sport competitions. There could be exhibition games in basketball like: an All-Star Christian basketball team, led by David Robinson, against the Angels of Pearly Gates (the all-star team of the angels). I would bet that the David Robinson-led team would win against the angels. (Just an expression… betting would not be allowed in Heaven).

And as that song in Sunday School goes on, it has line that goes, “…we’ll play with lions…” Oh, that would be cool. Since I was child, I always dreamt of wrestling with a lion… that’s what appeals me most about the “world tomorrow” when I was a child. I love the picture of me playing with wild animals; pinning a lion, riding a rhino, hugging a panda, and so on. Wild animals will be tamed; and all the animals would be at peace with each other; Lambs and wolves napping side by side, the gazelle running with the cheetah (not because the cheetah wants the gazelle for dinner but because they are playing with each other), eagles giving rabbits treats by flying it in the air with their claws… things like that. I don’t know where will be the sea creatures would be kept, since according to St. John that there will be a new heaven, and new earth but no sea. I guess they would be put in a very large aquarium a whole lot bigger and grander than that of the one in Singapore. But honestly, with all this talk about possibilities if animals in Heaven, I don’t mind if there will be no mosquitoes in Heaven.

Maybe someone can learn the things he really wants to learn and do while here in Earth but did not get the chance to do so. There could be studying of languages, or musical instruments, or foreign languages, or dancing, or painting, or pottery, or other things. With one Christian helping and teaching the other, or the angels doing the teaching.

It would be also very cool hanging out with the heroes in the Bible, like Samson (care to dare him for an arm wrestling match?), Abraham, David, Job, Moses and Noah (I would ask Noah, “Had you ever tried wrestling with a lion when you were in the Ark?”). Meeting other Christians would be really cool – people that you know and did not know here in Earth. Fellowshipping with other Christians in Heaven would be really nice; imagine Abraham Lincoln sharing jokes, yarns, stories, anecdotes and thoughts with you. And I think you will remember all the names of those people in Heaven that you will meet; the Bible said that our bodies are going to be changed, better… no sickness and all that – of course, good memory is probably part of all that.

I am not sure what will guys like Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, Martin Luther and Billy Graham – preachers, theologians, missionaries and evangelists – would be doing there. There is no more need of evangelism in Heaven. They could probably continue on studying about God and His ways, and asking God questions, and enjoy Heaven… like all Christians would do there.

I have my own questions myself that I will ask God when I get to Heaven. He would answer the questions that I did not get when I am still here in Earth. He will answer them all in Eternity.

Well, my vision of Heaven is just my imagination. I am not sure what would it really be like there. But I am sure it will be better than I expect. Heaven… it would be a place of complete joy, peace and satisfaction; no more pains and sorrows.

Besides, all that matters is, in Heaven, I will finally come face to face with my Savior and Lord and be with Him forever.

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