Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love And Romance... Almost Everywhere

Hmmm. I don’t understand why love and romance are almost everywhere. Really they are.

First, in stories in literature and movies. Sure there are novels and flicks that have romance all that stuff as the main concept (love stories). But look at other kinds of stories as well; love and romance are still sub-plots or sub-themes of it. In action, fantasy, mystery, suspense, thriller, comedy… whatever, why do there are often some romantic themes in them? Like, the main character in action or comedy often have a leading lady (or leading man), or the genre is suspense but still you can find a romantic theme there somewhere, or the hero of a fantasy should rescue a damsel in distress… and things like that that have romantic flavor in stories. Read a book or watch a movie, doesn’t matter what kind, chances are there is some romantic part in it. Heck, even in the comic books, Superman has Lois Lane.

And also on those TV shows. Doesn’t matter if it is a soap (which often have the same dosage of romance as much as drama in them) or something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, Charmed, X-Files, Star Trek or anything, there are romantic them in each of them somewhere. And you can also find it on cartoons and other animations, from Japanese animes to Disney shows, love and romance are still there. Tamahome has Miaka, and Mickey Mouse has a Minnie Mouse. And even though there’s a big difference between Armitage and Kim Possible (though both of the main characters are female)… yup, there’re still romantic themes in them.

There, love and romance are in literature, movies and TV shows, even if the story is not about love at all, you’ll still find some romantic parts in them.

And it doesn’t en with stories. It’s in music, too. Most songs have themes like love, romance, heartbreak, courtship, or anything of that’s sort. See? Love and romantic themes are even in music. Love is a popular theme with songwriter. Even hardcore rock bands sing songs about love or anything related to it. Some even spent their entire music careers to sing only about love (ever heard of an Air Supply song with no love theme in it?). Wipe out love and romance out of the music scene and you also wipe out a very large percentage of all known songs in human history (all Air Supply songs will be wiped out, and Cueshe has nothing to sing about).

Love and Romance are all around us nowadays, from media to airwaves. IT only proves how much people are interested in these themes. With all these different ideas and concepts about love from music, literature and entertainment, makes me wonder of humans still knows what true love is all about.

Mmmm. All these stuff about love and romance are okay sometimes, I guess. It gives some thrills and sparks – not only to stories – but also to our lives. I just hope that all this will not distort the true meaning of love.
The danger of it all is with all this concepts about love and romance everywhere, our generation will jump into relationships (or will want to jump) without thinking; with no patience, understanding, and evaluation of emotions, and with this in mind, “Heck, even Mr. Bean and Donald Duck have girlfriends, why shouldn’t I have one?” Pity.

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