Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hanging Around The Bookstores

Being a bookworm, bibliophile, and literature collector, I spend a lot of time hanging out at the bookstores. When I have some free time, I take trips to the bookstores, or when my family goes out, I excuse myself sometimes and visit the bookstores. I always did these since I was a kid.
I find browsing around the bookstores fun. I like the thrill of finding a book I really wanted to have after years of searching for it. And to find that the price of the book is something I can afford is a big plus.
Sometimes, I spend very long times in bookstores. Browsing and scanning each nook and cranny of the store; reading the synopsis at back of the books.
The National Bookstore was my favorite when I was a kid. There was still no National Bookstore here in Legazpi City back then (it only arrived here last year). And when I got the chance to visit one - like one in Manila or Cebu - heck, I spent hours there, very happy. And I obtained some pretty good books from National Bookstore for my collection, like “Jo’s Boys”, Pugad Baboy compilations, Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys. The only down part about National Bookstore is the price; very often. I cannot afford the books. But still the National Bookstore is one of my favorite bookstores, and I visit the place occasionally.
But my most favorite bookstore, at this time, is Book Sale. The bookstore, either with their own place or those consigned with malls and other stores, where someone can find cool literature, old literature, new literature, and - most importantly - cheap literature. Yes, most of the books are second hand or residual stock, but I’m not complaining. I found good books here with cheap prices… heck, imagine getting an Ian Fleming James Bond novel for 15 php, or a Crossgen comicbook for only 12 php… great deal!
Well, bookstores are a whole lot better hangout than libraries. And as long as there are bookstores - especially like Book Sale - hanging around them will brighten my day. Literature can always brighten one’s days.

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