Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is truly one of the most beloved food on earth. I am very fond of it, though it’s not my favorite food - but it used to be when I was a little boy. Now, my lil’ sis is the one who loves fried chicken like I used to when I was her age – it’s the only thing she orders when we go out.
I don’t know why most children are very fond of fried chicken. It’s a fact. Fried chicken is the most popular food among kids. And when they grow up, they may put other kinds of food above fried chicken but they will never forget fried chicken. It’s still going to be in their list of preferred food.
The best meat for me is beef, followed by pork, and fish and seafood, and lastly, poultry – chicken in particular. But when it comes to being fried to crispy brown perfection… I’ll go with chicken. How would you like chicken be cooked? Grilled? Roasted? “Tinola”? Great ideas, but I’ll go with “fried”… most people will answer the same.
You can eat fried chicken with anything you like. With rice, or pasta, or baked goods. Gravy, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauce, or nothing at all. It is also a great finger food. And it can be eaten anytime - in snacks, meals, luncheons, picnics, etc.
There might be some instances when someone gets tired, or sick of it (probably because of eating too much, or eating one with e coli bacteria, or the chicken was inferiorly fried). But often it is only temporary. Given some time, fried chicken will be back on his diet, simply because he can’t resist.
Fried chicken comes in different tastes, because there is a lot of ways to marinate it… or depending on a restaurant’s trademark recipe. Me, I use flour, salt, egg, some vinegar or “kalamansi” – preferably “kalamansi” than vinegar – on it. If I get lazy, just salt and vinegar. I make good fried chicken – and my number one is my sister.
I think the best fried chicken restaurant in the country is KFC. I can’t wait for it to open a branch here in Legazpi. I love KFC’s chicken strips. KFC is one good thing those Americans brought us.
Come to think of it, fried chicken is an American influence on us. Americans love it. Filipinos love it. And probably everyone.
Ah, fried chicken. If you just think about it, there’s something fascinating in all of this about fried chicken… the smell… the recipes… deep fried… the crispness… the taste in your mouth… it’s appeal… it’s popularity… everything.
Maybe the loneliest people on Earth are those who can’t eat fried chicken because of some reasons (like they are allergic to it). They’re missing out something big. Fried chicken is one of the best things out of life.

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