Saturday, April 14, 2007


I thought the Lakers can be different this season, and improve their satisfactory performance last year to excellence this year because they were winning in the beginning of this NBA season. I was wrong. They were losing big time a little before the All-Star break, and then the second half of the season. Now, as I write this, there’s even a chance they can be knocked out from the playoffs (with a record of 40-39).

Kobe Bryant, as usual, excels this season. He won the All-Star MVP. And he scored some 50 and 60 point games this season, overtaking Carmelo Anthony for the number one in scoring in the league. He’s a good leader and player. But Kobe Bryant is not enough for the Lakers.

Lamar Odom is a very good player. All-Star material even. He can play some very good all-around basketball. But with him as Kobe’s sidekick is not enough.

Kwame Brown is a disappointment. Smush Parker is no superstar. Andrew Baynum is too slow to grow. Luke Walton is good but lacking. The Lakers need to improve their line-up. And I believe that one man will improve their line-up. There were talks of getting Jason Kidd from the Nets before the trade deadline this season. I have no complains since Kidd can quickly learn the Laker system. And his good, he can make the other Laker players improve in offense (when you’re free Kidd can find you), and also a great help in the frontcourt defense. Plus, though he’s a point guard he can grab those rebounds (like a Laker legend named Magic Johnson). But I was not much dismayed when the trade did not come true. I know they needed someone better than Kidd.

They need a big man who is not slow, can force himself to the basket, and can shoot anywhere. Someone to grab those rebounds – yup, Odom is good at them, but the Lakers need more than that. And, yes, to be a defensive force in the paint. And also to be effective in Coach Johnson’s triangle offense. Yup, a player like that. And I have one guy in mind. His name is Kevin Garnett.  He's the most appropriate big man to be with Kobe (second best would be Pau Gasol).

Yes, Kevin Garnett. He’ll look good in the purple or yellow jersey (just as Iverson looked good in a Denver uniform). He’s gone to several All-Star games, and won one All-Star MVP. He also has a regular-season MVP. He’s the man for the Lakers.

Now, Bryant and Garnett can work effectively.  It would be nice to see them playing together in the NBA. Imagine, Kobe driving though and breaking the oppositions’ defense, and then he founds Garnett and gave him a no look pass, Garnett turns to the basket and SLAM DUNK! That’ll be cool. Like Shaq and Kobe back then.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are holding on to KG too much. I think their waiting for a draft pick for a good guard to complement Garnett. (Sigh) I don’t know how the Lakers can facilitate such deal, but they have to be crafty, like send in some satisfactory players, and sweeten the deal with some draft picks.

Kevin Garnett is the man to be with Kobe Bryant in the Lakers. With the both of them in the Lakers, I’ll bet they’ll win another championship. It’s a fantasy I have to see them play together, and bring back glory to the Lakers. (Another cool fantasy I have for the Lakers is a Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Kidd line-up… dream on, Bernz).

All I can do is pray for divine intervention… and wait and see.

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