Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Most Beautiful Day In The Universe

“Ang Pinakamagandang Araw sa Kalawakan” (The Most Beautiful Day in the Universe). Catchy. It was nice of ABS-CBN to air the pageant. I’m not much of a beauty pageant fan but I watch pageants anyway. Pageants are kind of fascinating – especially the Miss Universe pageants.

Riyo Mori – Miss Japan – was crowned Miss Universe 2007. I have no objections. The 20 year old dancer deserved to win.

My bets for the final five – when the final fifteen were announced – were Miss Japan (Riyo Mori), Miss Korea (Honey Lee), Miss USA (Rachel Smith) , plus I-don’t-care-who-the-other-two-are. Well, I was right, my three favorites made it into the final five – with Miss Brazil (Natalia Guimaraes) and Miss Venezuela (Ly Jonaitis).

Miss USA was no crowd favorite and was received with jeers by the Mexican audience during the interview competition. At least she maintained her poise and managed to win some cheers. It should also be noted that she fell down when the contestants paraded their elegant attires (she probably got outbalanced by stepping on the gown).
She ended up as fourth runner-up.

Miss Korea – among my three bets – was, I thought, most likely to win. But I believe her answer to the question and answer portion was not a winning material – though okay (at least she did not answer that the super power she wants is ‘world peace’). But she only ended up with third runner-up, beaten by Miss Brazil and Miss Venezuela, first runner-up and second runner-up respectively.

Our very own Miss Philippines – Anna Theresa Licaros – got a Miss Photogenic Award (which I thought was going to Miss Slovenia). At least it was a consolation for not making it to the Final Fifteen.

I am no racist. Maybe I just do not appreciate it much. I just did not like Miss Tanzania and Miss Angola to reach the Final Ten nor the Final Fifteen. But I guess I have no right to question the judges. Nothing I can do about it.

It was fun also to think that we have three pinays on the pageant. We have a Miss Philippines, plus the half-Filipinos Miss Germany and Miss Norway. Three chances – all failed to make it to the Final Fifteen.

The Miss Universe show was a fine one. Honestly, I was hoping our Filipina bet would win – so we would have three Miss Universes in history. Well, that is that, maybe next year.
But congratulations again to Miss Japan. "I learned how to always be happy, be patient and to be positive, and this is what I want to teach to the next generation," she said during the interview competition. Hmm. Let’s see if she can do that as Miss Universe.
Till next year’s pageant.

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