Tuesday, July 24, 2007


A story goes like this:

“Now boys,” admonished the old minister, lecturing the Bible class, “you must strive always to keep calm and never lose your tempers. You should never swear or get angry or get excited.”

“But sometimes we cannot help it, sir,” said one.

“It is not hard,” declared the old fellow. “I never do it. Now for example, see that big fly on my nose?”

“Yes, sir,” chorused some.

“It is a bee,” whispered an experienced one.

“Now see this fly,” went the old minister. “Most wicked men would be excited and swear, but I just say, ‘Go away, fly’ and I – GOOD GOD! IT IS A BEE! DAMN IT TO HELL!”

* * *

It’s a funny story, but think about it, it would probably remind you of some “men of God” who preaches something, but that does not do what they preach. ‘Hypocrites!’ some exclaim.

This is not only true to the hypocrites of the clergy. But aren’t we all guilty of being hypocrites? We say, “I never do it” like the old minister, but when an unexpected circumstance caught us unaware – like the bee on the minister’s nose – we exactly do the opposite.

The minister should have not said, “It is not hard. I never do it.” He should have said, “Maybe it is hard, but pray to God to help you. Nothing is impossible in Him.”

Let us not make the mistake of the minister. Always declare that you cannot do anything without the Big Guy, to help or guide you.

Or you will end up being stung on the nose by a bee.

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