Saturday, September 01, 2007

Some Tastes

When asked, “What kinds of books are your favorites to read?” I answer, “All of them. I read all kinds (which is true).” Or, “What kinds of music do you listen to?” My reply: “All kinds of good music.” Or, “What kinds of food do you eat?” the answer is. “I’m not a pick eater.” This goes for movies, TV shows, games, etc. I have a wide area of interests, and so my answers to questions like that are not specific. Ask me what are my favorites… the list is long.

But okay let me be a bit specific on some of them…

I like to read best mystery, thriller, suspense, espionage and such (I grew up reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew that lead me to read Sherlock Holmes and James Bond later on). These kinds stimulate my mind most. But of course I like to read other genres, too, like classic, sc-fi and fantasy – but not romance. As for non-fiction, I prefer biographies, history and witty essays or reflections above other else. Michael Crichton, C.S. Lewis, Max Lucado, Mark Twain and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are my favorite authors. As for comics, I grew up on Spider-Man and Marvel Comics, so I say Marvel is my fave. As for local, Pugad Baboy is the best!

For music… Rock is my favorite (I’m not much of a hip-hop fan, but I listen to some of them, too). I’m a kind of music lover who prefer Hillsong over Integrity, Bon Jovi over U2, Beethoven over Mozart, The Beatles over The Rolling Stones, Maroon 5 over Linkin Park, Rivermaya over Bamboo (Rico Blanco left the band? Pity. I guess Bamboo is now my fave local band, unless Rivermaya can make further impact without Blanco), Red Hot Chili Peppers over Limp Bizkit, Eagles over Led Zeppelin, The Corrs over Evanescence… I’m that kind of music lover (but of course I still think of Bamboo, Evanescence, Integrity, Led Zep, Mozart and others are great). In summary, I’m into good music… not worthless noise.

The movies I prefer most are action, suspense and comedy (that’s why I like Jackie Chan), and of course animation, too, and movies that entertains and makes the viewers think. Same with TV shows, I like animation, action, suspense and comedy. I really really love cartoons; even now that I’m not a child anymore (I love both American and Japanese cartoons [and comics]). I watch TV shows like “The Twilight Zone” (my fave), “The Simpsons”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Angel”, “Smallville”, and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” to name some of them. I love Discovery Channel and National Geographic.  There are no local TV shows that made an “impact” to me. As for Asianovelas (as they are called), there’s “Gokusen”. Other than this, there are none that became a favorite. I liked the early part of “Meteor Garden” but it got too syrupy as the show progressed so I dropped it. And for Mexican telenovelas (that were amusingly dubbed), there are three (so far) that I can still remember that I liked, they were: “Maria Mercedes” (I was in Grade 1 then and it was the firs of its kind), “Alta Gracia” (Now this is my most fave TV show from Mexico ever. The mystery and plot was just too good! I even cut classes back then to watch episodes of it), and “Daniela” (it has a great theme song).  Between the two, I prefer soaps from Mexico than soaps from Asia (which most of them come from Korea).

And now for food… I love fish (though beef is my favorite), I grew up on them. I also love eggs. I do eat ampalaya (I like to cook them with egg, tomato, onion and garlic), my fave veggie next to potato. But, of course, shakes are my favorite drinks, pizza my all-time fave food, halo-halo my fave dessert, sisig my fave dish, and chocolates my fave sinful food. My diet very much also includes Lucky Me instant pancit canton, canned corned-beef and lots of bread and rice (very Filipino!)

Okay. Okay, I’ll include my taste on girls before I end this essay. Mmmm… I’m attracted to girls with beauty (but beauty with no character? Forget about it), inner beauty that equals her outer beauty, talented and intelligent… girls that make me say, “Wow. There’s something fascinating about her.” But don’t get me wrong… I like female friends, and not female flames.

Of course, all our tastes vary and these tastes can reflect on what we value, what we prioritize and what we are as a person.  And these some tastes I had mentioned should, somehow, give you a glimpse on what kind of person I am.   

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