Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Favorite Fiction Characters

Here’s the list of my favorite fictional characters:

Most Fave Literary Character – Sherlock Holmes.
Hands down. He is the most intelligent hero in fiction. Holmes excels in all areas of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Intelligence. And since he is cool (and cold) and immune to worthless emotions, he can think and act logically without the biases emotions can bring. He also possesses great skills and talents and knowledge in many areas, related or not to his profession. Truly, a genius this man, Sherlock Holmes.

Most Fave Comicbook Character - Spiderman
I was a Spidy fan since I was a small boy. I like him not only because of his cool powers and abilities, and not only because he is intelligent, witty and charismatic, but also because of his principles and outlook. True to his motto, “With great power comes great responsibility”, he strives to always use his powers to fight for what’s good, protect the weak, and help and save others, even if he is always bombard by many personal problems, and sometimes people don’t appreciate him and his sacrifices, even calling him a “menace.” Spider-Man, Peter Parker, is a true hero.

Most Fave Literature-to-Movie Character – James Bond
I love the James Bond character in the books and the movies – intelligent, confident, versatile and charming. Throw whatever mission or problems at Bond – no matter how “impossible” – Bond always find a way. In my opinion, the best spy hero in fiction.

Most Fave Heroine – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Yes, it was a cool TV series. One of the main reason why Buffy is very cool is because of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Not only because Gellar is hot, but because she portrayed Buffy well, that many of us grew to love the vampire-butt kicking vampire slayer.

Most Fave Anime/Manga Character – Genjyo Sanzo
He’s just too cool, with his revolver, his costume and his Evil Sutra. His persona is very fascinating -cold but not coldhearted. His “Sanzo Party” is the coolest and most entertaining and most “invincible” foursome in fiction - and Sanzo is the coolest, most entertaining, and most “invincible” among them.

Most Fave Comic in Fiction – The Mask
The most entertaining antics belong to The Mask making him my most fave comic (second is Genie of Disney’s Alladin). I may also add that he might be also the most indestructible character there is, but of course his alter ego, Stanley Ipkiss is very fragile. I liked The Mask movie but I appreciated him more in the cartoon TV series. His trademark expressions “Smokin’!” and “Somebody stop me!” are very cool. And no matter how serious the situation is, he goes through them goofing, but getting the job done.

Most Fave Duo – The Hardy Boys
I was very fond of the Hardy Boys books when I was still young (and up to now). Teenage sleuths with the capability of solving mysteries, and getting the bad guys in dangerous adventures makes everybody admire them. Their intelligence, along with their other skills and know-how, makes them larger than life heroes. Imagine, they’re teenagers!

Most Fave Swordsman – Himura Kenshin
He’s the best swordsman from all the fiction I’m exposed to. Battosai the Slasher. But what makes me admire him is his conviction that he will never use his skill to kill anymore, by using a reversed-edge sword, and by avoiding conflicts, but not to run away from things that he knows that he can help into. But, to kill or not to kill, Kenshi rocks when he finally draws his sword…. Hiten Mitsurugi style!

Most Fave Criminal Genius – Artemis Fowl
I first read about him when we were in the same age – twelve years old. And I quickly grew fond of him, a boy criminal genius. I do love geniuses – not geeky geniuses like Dexter – but geniuses like Artemis Fowl. It is fun how Fowl develops flawless plans, can think under pressure, and manipulate effectively though he is still a young boy.

Most Fave Headhunter – Duncan MacLeod the Highlander
I hated the movie “Highlander: The Source”, but I liked the Highlander TV series and animation. A sword wielding immortal what walked through the centuries of history, cutting off heads of other immortals because “there can only be one” is so cool.

Most Fave Psycho Vigilante – Batman
The Dark Knight is the first in my list in this category (second is Punisher). He is the coolest character of DC Comics, and the movies and TV animate series of his I also loved and enjoyed. His costume design is good that it makes you forget how cheesy that “the underwear is above the pants” thing in superheroes. Plus, he has cool gadgets and he relies to his fighting skills, intelligence and cunning to survive in the business because he does not have any super power.

Most Fave Villain – Hades
No. Not the Hades in old Greek mythology. But the Hades in Disney’s Hercules. Coolest and most entertaining villain is this guy. The way he talks, his entire atmosphere, and “Vadabim Vadaboom!” Yeah, the best villain there is.

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neps said...

i totally agree about Hades.

he talks like a swindler, or like a receptionist at a cheap hotel in Vegas. cool.