Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Laughter is magic. Laughter is a statement. Laughter is a philosophy. Laughter is an instrument. Laughter, does not only breaks the ice, but breaks entire walls of glaciers. Laughter works miracles. And laughter is the best medicine.

I love to laugh and be happy, and make others laugh and happy, too. That’s why I read a lot of satire and humorous literatures. I am fond of jokes. I am “game” when it come to wholesome “trippings.” And I love comedy. Laughter is one of the good things in this world, and I meant to enjoy it. I indoctrinated laughter in my life - an important part of it.

“Laughter is the best medicine.” I agree with that statement. Of course, one should not always interpret it as true. Of course, laughter does not cure the diseases, but one can endure and forget the disease because of laughter. Laughter is a panacea in its own way.

There is a saying, “don’t cry over spilled milk.” True. Do not cry, but laugh instead. Not all human mistakes are horrible. It is good to laugh at our mistakes and troubles. If we just think about it, we start to realize, that sometimes our mistakes and troubles are not worth crying at, but rather, it is a laughing matter after all.

Life is funny. There are a lot of things we can find to laugh about in this life. A good sense of humor in looking at things is an optimistic point of view. Being serious once in a while is not bad, but being very serious and losing one’s sense of humor is bad indeed.

Sharing a laugh with someone is better that laughing alone. So, it is good to share a joke or a humorous anecdote or event. It is also worth reminding that, laughing with someone is good, but laughing at someone is not good – especially, if that someone don’t think it is funny.

Someone said to me, “laughter is not really the best medicine but rather the best disguise.” Mmmm, I don’t really agree with that. Sure, when you laugh it doesn’t always mean you are happy. When you fake laughter, it is not a true laughter since it lost the essence of a laughter – which is supposed to be with fun, humor and happiness. But still in times of troubles or loneliness, laughter don’t really mean you are in a great state of happiness and humor, but during the time you were sincerely laughing – a joke or other humorous realization – you are at least happy for five seconds or five minutes or the span of time the joke or humorous realization has effect on you. That is better than nothing.

A good sense of humor and laughter is a gift from God. And like all gifts from God, it is worth sharing and spreading. Go on, friend, spread laughter.

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