Monday, October 15, 2007

A Thought on Leaders

It is saddening how leaders abuse their powers. They use their powers to enrich or benefit themselves. Sure, I believe in the privileges of rank. But when the leader abuses his privileges, it is no longer right. Besides, to abuse privileges is not part of a leader's privileges.

Some leaders forget the true essence of leadership. Good leaders are also good followers and servants. They should also set as a model and an inspiration of the subordinates. He should make his subordinates see the importance of teamwork.

I admire leaders who can sympathize with his subordinates. A leader who can make his subordinates feel that he is one of them, without losing the dignity of a leader. A leader who shares the suffering and trouble of his group, and thus inspiring and motivating his subordinates to finish or solve the problem.

We cannot help encountering leaders who cannot effectively lead us, but instead these leaders take advantage of us. And we cannot help feel that there is injustice and all is unfair when these leaders abuse their powers and privileges. We feel bad and discouraged because of this injustices and unfairness. But there are always someone higher above these bad leaders that might see the unfairness that these leaders do. And if there are none, there is always the Big Boss who sees this unfairness, and  He's higher than all the leaders and top-of-the-hierarchy-people of this world.

Which reminds me of the story sent by a Corporal Vaughn Witt to Reader’s Digest:
“At the Annual Association of the U.S. Army convention in Washington D.C., a large crowd was waiting for the elevator in the convention hall. After several carloads arrived and left, filled to capacity, I finally boarded. We descended two floors and stopped, and the doors opened to reveal a captain. ‘I want everyone off this elevator,’ he arrogantly announced. ‘There is a three-star general who wants to get on.’
“From the back, somebody said, ‘To hell with that three-star!’ Everyone turned to see who had the audacity to say such thing – and instantly a pathway opened to show a four-star general standing there. The elevator doors closed on the captain, and with a roar of laughter we continued on our way.”

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