Friday, November 30, 2007

Collections and Collectors

I was always into collecting. Collections fascinate me. Collectors fascinate me more (especially if they are famous). And even if somebody’s collection is not the same as mine, or not a collection I think not interesting to collect, I am still fascinated by it, because of just the concept of collecting and the collectors’ zeal and happiness of collecting them. There is something magical and exciting in collecting. Probably, the best hobbies on Earth are those that involve collecting.

My collections are, mostly, literature and toys. I collected them for about ten years now. My literature collection ranges from novels, encyclopedias, biographies, comicbooks, magazines, newspapers cartoon strips, and others – as long as it is decent literature, I collect them. My toy collection ranges from toy soldiers to those that came from fast food chains. Sure, these collections fill my room, but compared to big time collections, mine is small in comparison. Nonetheless, my collections – which are stacked in cabinets and displayed on shelves of my room – are my treasures.

I used to have a big “tex” – the Filipino counterpart of trading cards, only smaller and less quality – collection. You got to enlarge your stack of them by either of the two: a) you buy more or b) you win them in games like “kapulan”, “tatchian”, “bangkuhan”, or any other “gambling” games. A tex’s popularity was dependent on the present popular TV show. Example, if Dragon Ball Z was hot, Dragon Ball Z tex were hot also, and they are the only kind of tex that can be traded or played with. And when Ghost Fighter became the hit, the Dragon Ball Z tex got obsolete. But I was a good collector and though one kind of tex was no longer popular, I still kept them. My only mistake was not being able to maintain my interest in them, and by and by, they disappeared (one of the worst mistakes in my life). I don’t know what happened to them. I miss them… especially the Marvel Vs. DC and the Streetfighter tex…arg!

The same thing happened with my pogs collection. And my robot, zoo, and Wild West toy collection. And my 4wd Let's Go kit. And I also lost some comcbooks…. Enough said about all those mistakes; it brings some bad feelings.  What is important is that I should take care of what I have now and not allow any of those mistakes to happen again.

My collection reflects to what I am economically. One’s collection is proportional to one’s economic status. That is absolutely true. Just look at celebrities and their collections. They are rich, so they can afford a large collection – or even several collections. It is fascinating to look at their collections. Sharon Cuneta has mugs, books and DVDs. German Morena got movies, tapes of shows, movies, clowns stuff, toys, memorabilia and others. Jay Taruc has paintings and toys. Former Senator Webb got Star Wars stuff and others. Senator Chiz Escudero has vintage cars. And there are many other personalities that have collections that are worth mentioning, but it will go a long way (a list of Hollywood personalities that collect comicbooks would go a long way already.)

Collecting is exciting with all the thrills of a find, the satisfaction obtained when looking at them, and the gentle greed that motivates a collector to make his collection bigger – and of course, I experience all of this… I want to make my collection bigger as time goes by and start new collections, too, like DVDs, guitars and other things. There is nothing wrong with collecting, but we should not always live in our collections. Yes, I said that my collections are my treasures. But my collection of friends and family are more valuable treasures. There are important things that we should not forget when we are engrossed in collecting and in our collection. There is danger when your addiction and love for your collection is greater than the more important things in life... or your life.

There are many good things derived in collecting. When you are with your collection, and making it improve or grow bigger, you are happy, and makes you forget some of your current stress or problems. You also get to learn patience, perseverance, and other values when you collect. The bottomline, though, is to be happy with collecting and your collection without sacrificing the most important things in your life and never forgetting your priorities – the right priorities.

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