Friday, November 30, 2007

Dream Job

I am in college studying to be a CPA. Whoa, I never really ever dream of being a bean counter – a shrink, probably – but an Accountant? No way. I just cannot picture myself in a world of business, commerce – and worse – numbers. Numbers and me… we just don’t get along well. But what a twist of fate, I am now aiming to be a CPA. Yes, I aim to be one. But still, back when I was a kid, when asked if what I want to be when I grow up, I didn’t reply that I want to be an Accountant.

My first dream – I was in Nursery back then – was to be an astronaut. I was an ignorant toddler. I did not know that the Philippines have no space program.

I also dreamt of being a pilot. A fighter plane pilot. One who pilots an F-14 Tomcat. Again, reality bites. The planes of the Philippine Air Force are not the same as those of the U.S. Navy. But nevertheless, it is still a dream I entertain up to these days. To be a pilot of a fighter plane.

In high school, I fantasize of being a writer of books. Best selling books. But novelists do not thrive in our country, another reality. But I still want to be published someday. I still carry that dream.

I also had the wild fantasy of being a professional musician. Playing lead guitar in some show band. Though I really love to play in a band, I don’t really take that dream seriously. But who knows.

I have many boyhood dreams. I wanted to be a spy, because James Bond made it appeared like an n attractive job. But 007 is fiction, though espionage and secret agents are not. Plus, I don’t know if I care much of being tortured. Scratch that one. A detective like Sherlock Holmes, perhaps? Maybe… but I don’t have the talents of a fictional character like Holmes. Scratch that one, too.

Growing up and reading comicbooks, I also wanted to draw them as a job. But although I can draw, I cannot say I can draw as much as the pros do. Besides, I don’t think I have the patience for it.

In high school, I thought of being a Mechanical Engineer, designing cars, or planes, or be an Imagineer in Disneyland. But I chose Mechanical Engineer as my second choice in my BUCET. And I passed my first choice which is (sigh) Accountancy.

No. Those dream jobs of mine are not from my chosen course. All those dream jobs I still prefer them than being a CPA. But I want to be a CPA. It may not be a boyhood dream but a “forced-on-me” dream, but a dream nonetheless, and I value all my dreams. Though it is not part of my original plans, I sincerely want to be an Accountant.

Who knows, maybe after getting my degree and then passing the board and taking up law and passing the bar, I might be able to do my other dream jobs. I could be a CPA lawyer who pilots fighter planes, writes bestselling books, plays guitar once in a while in gigs, solves mysteries as a side line, designs Disney rides in free time, contributes pencils to Marvel Comics’ special projects, and is secretly working for the government’s Intelligence. Now that’s cool.

Dream on, Bernz. Dream on.

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