Saturday, December 15, 2007


Here is a scenario:
Someone, a female very often, sees a spider. It will take about a second or two for it to register to her that it was a spider. And another second of hesitation to confirm that it was a spider. Then the scream, “Eeeeeeeeee!” It’s so high pitched that it can break glass. “A spider! A hideous spider!” She will then either kill it herself with her shoe, or call someone, a male very often, to kill it for her.

When scenarios like this happen, my sympathy is on the spider. You see, I like spiders; they’re my fave kind of insects (technicaly, they are not really insects). Arachnids. I don’t know where this fondness of mine on spiders started. It might be because Spider-Man is my favorite comicbook character since I was a toddler that I grew fond of spiders, too (and I wondered if being bitten by an irradiated spider really gives you superpowers). Or because like other Filipino boys, I find it fun watching two spiders fight hanging on a stick. Or maybe because I find their webs, and when they make their webs, cool. Or is it because of a children story called “Charlotte’s Web”? I don’t know.

I am not afraid of spiders since I was a baby. Even of the big ones with venoms. And I never kill spiders, nor ever will, just as I won’t kill a cat. They are such interesting and complex creatures… one of God’s bests.

I heard a story of someone who does not know of God in atheist China, I think, what without the help of a preacher nor a Bible began to believe in god when he saw a spider. He cannot comprehend something as complex as a spider making its web exists even if there is no God. So, he concluded that there is God. Spiders, God’s little missionaries.

Fascinating are these God’ creatures that live all over the world, on mountains, in forests, in caves, desserts, and even underwater. Spiders don’t only eat insects, but some kinds also eat small fish and tadpoles. Another interesting thing about spiders I that male spiders are much smaller than females, so the females sometimes mistake males for other insects and gobble them up!

One of the things I like about spiders is they kill mosquitoes. Just as much as I liked spiders is my hate for mosquitoes. That’s why I don’t get rid of webs often, the more webs there are, the better the chance of a mosquito getting captured by a spider and get killed (of course, I have to remove the webs when they are already too thick for the light of the fluorescent bulb to get through). Oh, another cool thing, I saw a spider biting the head off a cockroach, and then sucking its blood… radical.

There is one characteristic in spiders that people should copy. Perseverance. Break their webs and they will only repair them or make another one. They never give up. Just like the spider in the song “itsy bitsy spider”. It continued on its way up the water spout after it was washed down by the rain. We, humans, should also learn to persevere and continue in our way up our “water spouts” even if the “rain” washes us out.
I think the guy who wrote that song likes spiders, too.

So, please, don’t kill a spider when you see one. There are 10,000 different kinds of spiders in the world, and all of them are not worth killing. The little guy is only minding his own business, do likewise. Only kill a spider when it is as huge as the ones in the movie “Eight-Legged Freaks”, you’re a fool if you don’t kill it if you have the chance.

All’s left is finding out if a bite from an irradiated spider really gives you powers like Spider-Man.

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