Friday, January 04, 2008

2007 Scribbles

2007 was a fun year. Here are some reflections (and preview of 2008)

- I am thankful for God for continually making me pass my course this year. I pray that the Big Guy would continue to bless me in my studies.
- I just turned 18 in 2007, and so far, life in “legal” age has been okay. I am now “legally” responsible for myself, and entitled with the privileges (and consequences) of my age, like voting, watching R-18 movies, drinking booze (and, heck, going to jail),etc. Yes, I’m now 18, but, of course, still studying, and living with my parents, and all that, so I’m not really that independent yet. Turning 18 made me think if I’m already in a life on my own – it’s only now a few years away before my folks kick me out to explore life in my own. Did 18 years prepare me for the “real world”? Am I really stronger now? Can I completely handle the harshness of reality? I still have a few more years to think of this though… a few more years of growing up still. Maybe, I hope, by then I am sure of myself that I’m ready to be on my own.
- I don’t mind much when everywhere suddenly turns into a war zone during New Year and New Year’s Eve (though I don’t like firecrackers, because of the noise, and the smell of the smoke, and the danger, I do like fireworks because it explodes harmlessly and beautifully above the sky.), but during Christmas Eve and Day? I like the Filipino tradition of long Christmas, but a long New Year celebration – and starting on the season of Christ’s birth? I don’t like it. Christmas is supposed to remind us of Bethlehem and not Iraq.
- Finally, after waiting a long time, the Legend Killer, the youngest heavyweight champion in history of WWE, Randy Orton, finally got another world championship, this time the WWE Championship (I’m glad). But it’s a pity, Chris Benoit died horribly, killing his family before killing himself. I hope the public would not think that all pro wrestlers are wackos in real life – they are only supposed to act like it in the ring.
- The reunion concert of Led Zeppelin and “Live Earth” were the two gigs I missed (and wanted) to watch in 2007. I hope I can get a DVD of both.
- The Philippines lost the FIBA qualifiers for the Olympics and then lost the SEA games crown. Awww, painful. At least, Pacquiao continue to win his bouts.
- Marvel Comics’ Civil War was big, and the post-Civil War condition is certainly interesting. Captain America got assassinated this year, and there’s distrust and bad feeling in the air. What can the House of Ideas bring us in 2008?
- Kobe Bryant won the 06-07 All-Star MVP, but will he won the regular MVP this season? (I hope so) The Spurs had won the 06-07 championship, and will they repeat again? (I hope the Lakers win the championship this year)
The NBA is exciting as always with the start of 07-08 season. I’m disappointed the Celtics got Garnett instead of the Lakers. With a Pierce and Allen Celtics, I still don’t think they can go win it all… but with Garnett, probably. And so far, the Celtics is doing great because of the Big Three.
It’s painful to watch as the Celtics beat the Lakers (Again, why the Lakers GM did not make an effort to obtain Garnett? I can feel Kobe’s frustration)… but I have to remind you, it’s not like the Celtics’ Larry Bird, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale vs. the Lakers’ Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy like the old times, it’s Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett vs. Kobe Bryant. Kobe maybe the best in the NBA now, but he can’t go against the Big Three all at the same time.
However, the LA Lakers are doing fine so far. I hope they keep on wining in 2008.
- Kimi’s F1 Grand Prix championship was a classic. I did not expect that he’ll win all the last races… and that Hamilton had bad luck in the last two races (he did not even need to win at all, but to just get enough points, I think, a 4th was good enough). It would had been cool to have a black rookie as champion. And, oh, Alonso is moving back to Renault… it seems he can’t risk being outshined by Hamilton in McLarren.
- I hope that when Trillanes plans a revolt, he'll make sure it works. He should have learned his lesson during the Oakwood days, but he repeated his mistake in Manila Pen. Next time, if there is a next time, which I doubt, plan well and make sure it succeeds. It doesn’t guarantee that a win in this year’s Senate election guarantees a success in a revolt. Annoyance is what the public felt during the Manila Pen takeover.

A lot of good things is to come this 2008. The Beijing Olympics is coming. Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania is just around the corner. Pacquiao has great fights coming this year. Good movies are coming this 2008, like the next James Bond flick (Daniel Craig’s second one as 007) and Iron Man (I don’t know if it will become a hit… there was a lot of dislike for him during the Civil War). I can feel there are a lot of interesting things to happen in 2008 (and I hope I can pass Financial and Cost Accounting). May God bless us in the year of the rat. (I though “pig” was bad to hear, but “rat”?! Oh boy)

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