Friday, January 04, 2008

Network Wars

If asked if I’m a Kapamilya or a Kapuso, I reply, “Neither. I prefer to watch cable.” Yes, I rather watch cable, but, sure, I watch some shows from both networks. I may find myself watching game shows, cartoons, news, noontime shows, feature and investigative shows, and others. I watch to be entertained. I don’t care what station. But I am surprised that many people are not like me. They had developed “blind” loyalties to either “Kapamilya” or “Kapuso”. I think there is nothing wrong to be loyal to a favorite station, but blind loyalty. That develops a person into a biased and brainwashed one like that a TV network is some kind of religion or ideology. There is something wrong with that. I observe people like this, with this blind loyalty, a “Kapamilya” or “Kapuso”, and quarreling with someone with the opposite loyalty. Crap.

I think this “Kapamilya” vs. “Kapuso” thing between ABS-CBN and GMA is getting out of hand. The two networks war is in extreme now, with both out-advertising and discrediting each other. I know business is supposed to be war according to the Japanese, but I never expected that it can become hostile. Not only are the managements involved in this, but also the talents of the two networks are quarreling also (like the verbal war between Joey De Leon and Willie Revillame). Worse, the viewing public is drawn to the conflict and takes sides, either Kapamilya or Kapuso, and takes the quarrels and debates among themselves, among family and friends.

With this new controversy of “rating fixing” of research agency AGB Nielsen (“alleged systematic, organized and well-funded attempt” to rig television ratings), the two networks are in an all out war, and it sickens me. It sickened me more when GMA made a promo in their commercial time regarding the controversy, which seems like a sign of insecurity and guilt. And then ABS-CBN made a promo of their own, regarding it. Actually, this war between the two networks is okay for me – if it’s limited to the both of them (consider it just additional “spice” or story… like those in WWE or NBA). But as I’ve said, there are already loyalties, and this “war” can – if not yet – extend to the public, thanks to GMA’s promo.

What’s with all these ratings anyway? More ratings=more profit? I don’t pretend I know all about ratings and statistics – heck, I only got a 2.7 in Business Statistics – maybe so. But isn’t fighting like this, then making promos to get public sympathy, is childish? I don’t know... maybe fighting will bring them more ratings. I don’t know how the public reacts anymore.

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