Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Late Night

I am at my peak when it’s night
I’m no vampire
I am just at my peak when it’s night
Where I have the most energy and “life”
Late night
Ah, the best time of the day

There are two kinds in which I spent it
Out or inside the house
I like both
Late night out usually means parties
I like parties
I like the food most about it

But, honestly, I like late nights inside the house better
There are a lot of things to do
Now, inside the house I will be either:
Asleep or awake
Sleeping is one of my interests
But I usually sleep late
(And I enjoy sleeping in the afternoon more anyway [note: the best thing the Spaniards brought the Filipinos is siesta. Don’t argue.])
Late nights are for…
Watching movies or TV
Listening to my mp4 player
In rare times, studying
And lots more
I get to enjoy doing these things when it’s late night

Before I forget, eating is the best thing to do when it’s late night
Midnight meals
Refrigerator raids
When you have the absolute freedom what to eat
I like to eat any cold leftovers from supper
Anything goes
One of my favorites is a late night snack of coffee and crackers and cheese

I just enjoy the night
The best time to relax
To unwind
To rest
To do what things I like
With the stars brightly shining above the sky
And no tropical sun’s heat
Or day noises
I don’t know why
Maybe because no matter how bad a day is, the night usually lessens the “badness” of it
Or maybe because it seems all the time and silence in the whole universe is during late night
Or maybe because since I share the world during the day with other people, but in the late night, it seems I have it all for my own

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