Thursday, March 27, 2008

Me, My Mind, and My Multiple Personalities

The Mind
No exact science can really explain it
Freud and Jung and others, in some degree, made some worthwhile observations and theories about it
Many philosophers, did, too
But Science and Philosophy failed to grasp the Mind’s entirety
The Mind is complex
One of God’s many mysteries in Creation
The Human Mind is one of the major things that separate us from animals
It can create
It can destroy
It can be trained to (or can automatically) ignore emotion and pain
The possibilities are endless

Since imagination has no boundaries
My Mind has no boundaries
My Mind is my sanctuary
My Mind is some sort of place
(Hannibal Lecter and Demi Brooke are among the ones who use and think of their minds as such)
A world
The knowledge, memories and concepts I know is stored there
And from this three, shoots off the characteristics of this world
Fictional character and events and stories of mine are here
There are many secret places that even I don’t know of
Things I forget and chose to forget are probably on those secret places
Sub-consciousness, others name that place
In that world, anything goes
There is no boundary between fantasy and fact
Inside are valleys and plains
The Grand Canyon
Extinct animals
The Waste Lands
Victorian London
The Wild West
Medieval Europe
Sci-Fi Outer Space
And many more
All rolled into one
Moreover, there is still infinity of places to explore and discover
Since as time passes, new places are made
All human minds are places like mine
They just have to accept that these places exist to enjoy what the worlds can offer

All of us have multiple personalities
The difference of a sane man with schizophrenic is the ability to control, supervise and be in sync with those personalities
I have many ones
And they live in The World Of My Mind

I am the Amalgam
The overseer of the personalities
Simply, known also as the Waking Self
I am the other personalities
I am one with them
At the same time, not them at all
I would be introducing the famous (and infamous) among them

The first personality is the Knight
(Some who know me had theorized of this self and name him Version 1.1)
The romantic
The sentimental
Ready to slay the dragon every time
Always ready to save the damsel in distress
But, take note, though he is with armor and shield
He is the most vulnerable among the personalities

The second personality is the Professor
A cold, logical, analytical machine
Scorns emotions and superstitions
He only sees the facts, and cares only for the facts
Cynicism and arrogance is his worst faults
Spends most of his time at the Libraries and Laboratories of The World Of My Mind
He cares only for knowledge
Never makes uneducated guesses
Always base conclusions in data analyzed
Most of the time he is right
But not always

The third personality is the Musician
If you allow him, he’ll spent the day playing guitar; playing songs like “Hey Jude”, “Evermore”, “Hotel California”, and “Livin’ On A Prayer”
Or listening to Mozart and Beethoven and the other classic masters who are still alive in that World
He does not mind of being alone
Music is the only companion he prefers best

The fourth personality is the Philosopher
He is the counselor of the other personalities
Since he is the one who remind the others what values, principles, thoughts and dictums Bernel believes in – mostly, Christian truths
He, most of the time, does the inspiring of the others
He thinks, unlike the Professor, on things what can be
Philosophy, theology and life are the topics he loves best
And meditation and prayer are his favorite activities

The fifth personality is the Explorer
Since My Mind is limitless, his travels never end
He is not complaining since traveling is his love
His job is to explore the places
Explore the potentials
Takes as much knowledge and adventures as he can
All the personalities, when receiving his reports, find his experiences useful

The sixth personality is the Poet
The laziest among them
With a pen and a notebook, he writes
That is the only thing he does most if the time
Write fiction or nonfiction; any topic
And any residue of his time, he spends reading in the Libraries in there

The seventh personality is the Gunslinger
The hero
And he possess the qualities of a hero
“Epitome of perfection,” as defined in literature
Complete with a cowboy hat, thick boots, two revolvers and gloves to prevent blisters
His hand is quick when he draws a gun from its holster
Fast as lightning
And shoots with excellent marksmanship
Drawing and shooting efficiently, he can do it in less than half a second

The eighth personality is the Assassin
The most dangerous of them all
Since he is a cold-blooded killer
He kills with blades
Throwing knives and two sharp swords
A cloth covers his mouth
Fast and agile – that are his strengths
Thus, he is the most contained personality
To unleash him is unwise

The ninth personality is the Penciler
With a drawing table, a chair, pens and pencils
He draws all day
Unlike the Amalgam, he never loses patience or gets bored
He never colors his drawings
Since, what art he do is best with only pencils and inks

The tenth personality is the Collector
The Collector simply does what he does best: collecting
He collects anything… everything
Literature, DVDs, toys, guitars, guns, antiques, stamps, art, paintings, etc.
It does not matter what
He collects just for the sake of collecting
Because that is his passion

The eleventh personality is the Gourmet
Lover of food and wine
He is not a glutton nor gets drunk
He simply appreciates good tastes
And, yes, he cooks well unlike the Amalgam
Cooking is his next love from eating

The twelfth personality is the Engineer
What he does is create structures and bridges and tools
He is also an inventor
Finding ways to make things easier, or more fun and exciting
If anyone needs any gadget, he has it
He solves mechanical and technical problems
Cars and planes are his hobbies
In free time, he customizes and drives them
He has a constant need for speed, and loves the roar of a machine

The thirteenth personality is the Wizard
Master of magic and skills
He hides his eyes behind sunglasses
His amazing ability is to amaze people
An exhibitionist
He possesses many talents, skills, and knowledge of irrelevant facts
He likes to hides those talents and skills
And then surprise them that he can actually do something very well
His favorite is solving a Rubik’s cube in a few seconds (unlike the Amalgam)
He possess a little both of humility and arrogance

The fourteenth personality is the Jester
Laughing and making others laughs is what he likes to do best
He has knowledge of many humorous anecdotes and jokes
His pride himself of being good at making witty comebacks and comments
He lives on his wits, thus, he treasures it

The fifteenth personality is the Doctor
His compassion is famous everywhere in that World
He helps people
He cares for them
Thus, he has lots of friends
And his friends respect and appreciate him

The sixteenth is the Vampire
He is afraid of direct sunlight since it will kill him
And he is at his peak when it is night
He possess supernatural strength and senses
But is cursed with bloodlust

I will leave you for now with sixteen personalities
Because the popular Sybil Dorsett has the record of sixteen personalities (look it up)
The Knight, the Professor, the Musician, the Philosopher, the Explorer, the Poet, the Gunslinger, the Assassin, the Penciler, the Collector, the Gourmet, the Engineer, the Wizard, the Jester, the Doctor, and the Vampire
Together, they are the Amalgam (and at the same time, separate from the Amalgam)
But are there others in My Mind?
Yes, there are many more personalities since there is an entire World in there
Much much more, and many of those personalities I hadn’t met yet

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