Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Failing BS Accountancy

“Nobody passed the remedial exam.”
Those were the words of our Financial Accounting teacher. And with those words, I was out of the Accountancy Department. I was not able to make the cut-off grade in the subject, and among the others who took the remedial exam, failed. A major part of me didn’t give a damn, while some small part was disappointed since all I had gone through past semesters seemed to be worthless – it could had been better if I was cut-off much much much earlier.
I never wanted to take the remedial exam anyway. I didn’t like BS Accountancy as my course. The only thing that kept me there is because the Accountancy students are considered to be the elites and the most intelligent in Bicol University, rivaled only or seconded by Engineering and Nursing students. But I dislike the course itself, and the system in the department. Maybe I had the wrong reason of staying there, so Providence allowed me to fail.
Yes, I can still continue to study Accountancy in another school, Divine Word College, second best school to study Accounting in the area. But decided not to due to three reasons: 1) Failing the remedial exam was for me was a way out of a course I don’t like. And with this attitude of dislike of mine with the course and the results of my performance, I don’t think I can pass the board exam anyway; or if I get to pass it, will not enjoy the life of a CPA anyway. It was best to stop. 2) There are a lot of things to take care of to transfer to another school (Form 137, honorable dismissal, certificate of good moral character, pics, documentary stamp, etcetera, etcetera…). I do not have the patient for them all. 3) We cannot afford the tuition in Divine, a private school. So, I decided to remain in the University, to take up Financial Management instead, and hopefully, graduate in two years.
It was funny that at the end of the test paper of our remedial exam was the quote, “Your plan God is better than my dreams.” It made me smile while I was taking it, because it was the same thing in my mind. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
God’s will be done.

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