Friday, May 30, 2008

Why I want to be rich

I don’t really like to be rich. Not at all. But I daydream about being one. It should be nice to have enough money to have the things that you want. There are a few reasons why I want to be rich.

To extend my collection
I mainly collect literature and toys. Expansion of those collections is dependent of my allowance which is not much. But if I’m rich, wow, the potential of expansion would be cool. I also want to extend my minor collections like DVDs and records. It would also be nice to start new collections like stamps, guns and weaponry, figurines, guitars and effects, and tech-toys.

With funds, I could travel the world. I’ll start from our country, then Asia and Europe, then the rest of the world. It would be great to see (and photograph) the views, landmarks, and historical places of the world, and feel different cultures, and taste different cuisine and food. The experiences and adventures would be priceless.

Start new hobbies
I always wanted to try skydiving, shooting, golf, and other hobbies and activities that had required big money to try them.

A sports car
A Renault? A Mazda? A Ferrari? A Mercedes? To have one would be cool.

Cool PC set
Having the best personal computer system and notebook there are, games and Internet would be much much cooler. Moreover, if rich, there is no worry in paying for the fees of excellent Internet connection.

To play in the world of commerce
Yes, that world interests me… economy, investments, T-bills, stocks, bonds, etc. Seems like a giant arcade and game center, with your money as your tokens.

To watch the LA Lakers
It is a dream of mine to watch my beloved Lakers playing in Staples Center, not just in TV, but in person. And see if the Laker girls are indeed the hottest girls on earth.

I feel bad when I see unfortunate people, and me having no ability and means to help them. If I am rich, I would be able to give generously to charity institutions and to the unfortunate people directly.

For God’s work
If rich, I will be able to tithe a lot and give financial backing to church activities and for the Great Commission.

Well, those are the major reasons why I want to be rich. But again I say, I don’t really want to be rich. Money and material things are not everything. And all things in this world will come to pass. Probably, I won’t even be happy when I’m rich anyway.

But, still, it is not bad to dream of being rich, right?

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