Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mexican Standoff

I don’t mind a Mexican standoff.

This is the ultimate deadlock or stalemate.
Romantic impasse.
Tension is thick.
Each opponent is threatened and cannot move without endangering his life.
Being nervous is normal.
But keeping your cool and good concentration are the best weapons you have.
The first move would destroy the unstable equilibrium of multiple deterrence.
Aims would be shifted or taken away.
The emotions that were building up will erupt.
All hell would break lose.

Until then, before the first move/s, there is still no winner, no loser, nor the assurance that there will be a winner at all.
Though the tension is there, there should still be no worry.
No assurances, but think of winning.
Think on who you will move on and when.
When the opening comes, move.

I wait.
Everyday of my life, I am on a Mexican standoff.

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