Saturday, August 09, 2008

MORE Favorite Fiction Characters

I already mentioned in the past my favorite characters in fiction. Here are some more characters that I like:

Most Fave Creative/Inventive Funny Character – Mr. Bean
This Rowan Atkinson character had made me laugh hard many times. The situations he got into are as hilarious as his character. The best thing about him is that he solves these dilemmas and challenges by outrageous and stupid contraptions and methods. Then again, if a method or invention is stupid but it works and gets the job done, it’s not stupid at all.

Most Fave Adventurer - Indiana Jones
So what if he's afraid of snakes? Indie is a great scholar with a hunger for knowledge and adventure, and having the amazing ability to think on his feet.

Most Fave Walt Disney Character – Genie
Aladdin’s genie with the “phenomenal cosmic powers” is one of the most powerful and one of the most hilarious characters I know. With antics, punch lines, and incredible skill in mimicry, he’s a “Saturday Night Live” first-class material.

Most Fave Food Lover – Jughead Jones
Archie’s crowned bestfriend never gets fat even though he eats a lot. Food. Food. Food. The love of his life is food, that’s why he ignores girls. He is also lazy, laid back, and takes life easy. But he is always ready to take the initiative and be active if needed.

Most Fave Gunslinger – Ronald Deschain
The Dark Tower series’ hero is the best Western-style hero ever (even better than Clint Eastwood’s “The Good” character). Cold, disciplined, tough, and very deadly with his six-shooters. Fast as lightning when he draws, shoots, and reloads; deadly accurate with his aim; and “kills with his heart.” There is also something admirable about him in his dedication (or obsession) for the Dark Tower and his faith in ka (God’s will or destiny).

Most Fave Character with Sixth Sense – Odd Thomas
“I see dead people, but by God, I do something about it,” he says. Using his gift (never considers it a curse) to help people, both living and dead. Though he is young, he takes life seriously but with wit and will do anything to “save the world.”

Most Fave Cannibal – Hannibal Lecter
Even though he is twisted and eats other people, I like him for being very intelligent, cold, and versatile. Even though he is more of a villain than a hero, I can’t help admiring this character.

Most Fave Laugher – The Shadow
He has a laugh that sounds evil, but he is really a good guy. Plus, he has a network of agents, can turn invisible, and has pistols for weapons – what more we can ask from a vigilante?

Most Fave Analyst – Jack Ryan
He can analyze data very well and draw and give logical and wise evaluations and advice from his analyses. He is also a man of principles and a “cowboy” that makes him very valuable. He is also not afraid to contradict his superiors and speak his mind out if it is for the good of his country or the situation.

Most Fave Game Character – Tanya
She’s that adorable commando in the Red Alert game series. She’s hot, she’s deadly, and attracted to you when you play the commander of the Allied. “Shake it, baby” indeed.

Most Fave Game-to-Movie Character – Johnny Cage
Aw, he’s underused and underappreciated in the Mortal Kombat universe. And they always kill him in any story. Yeah, he’s more for comic relief, but that makes him more interesting. He’s a Hollywood actor, so that seems to make him harmless and unimportant. But he really knows how to fight and can hold his ground in the Mortal Kombat competition. I like cool underdogs like Cage.

Most Fave Driver – The Transporter
He is governed by rules to keep his life organized, and he has excellent driving prowess, as well as skills in martial arts and weapons for being a former elite soldier. This is indeed the guy we want to deliver our packages or be our personal driver

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