Friday, December 12, 2008

Pacman's Big Win

It had never been the slugfest that I expected.
Before the fight, I disagreed with the experts that it was going to be a mismatch. Yes, the Golden Boy has the advantage of height, bulk, and reach. But they were wrong to exaggerate the advantage of GB. I agree about GB’s advantage; I do not agree of their projected mismatch. I was confident Pacman would hold his ground. And I know he had speed, power, and age as his advantages. No mismatches, I analyzed, both have equal chances; a slugfest until someone get knocks down.
But then, my projection was wrong, too. There was never a good slugfest. PM dominated the fight. GB was not the fighter I knew him to be. PM’s speed, power, and excellent footwork, because of Roach’s training, won out.
There are only two things that can explain GB’s behavior in the fight. A) His not young anymore, thus, he can’t take on PM or B) The Mafia was on him. You decide.
Of course, like all Filipinos after a PM win, I feel glad and proud. But I admit, I was disappointed because of my expectation of a slugfest, with PM being put into the hardest fight of his career (his fights with Juan Manuel Marquez was the closest to a slugfest that had gave PM a hard time). It was not so.
Of course, the most logical step from here is for the Pambansang Kamao to take on Hatton – the Hitman. Some are suggesting for PM to challenge Floyd Mayweather out of retirement, but Mayweather has no belt to offer, Hatton does. Mayweather can be next after the Hitman. Or another one with Marquez.
Disregarding the feeling of disappointment for a slugfest in the Dream Match, it was still an entertaining fight (because PM won). Congrats to Manny Pacquiao. May he continue to bring entertainment, glory, and temporary peace and happiness to the Filipino people (but I hope, we do not put our hope on Pacman everytime).

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