Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Music for the Maestro

As an amateur musician, I had experience it.
I stood on that stage with my six-string.
Like all musicians, I find it fun.
Beautiful music made from my instrument.
The crowd applauds.
They cheer.
They chant my name.

But it’s different when I play for the Maestro.
Beautiful music made from my instrument.
The applauses and the cheers are not for me this time.
But for Him.
Through the music I make, I lead the crowd to praise and worship Him.
And I find it more exciting.
More satisfying.
More fun.
More fulfilling.

Making the Maestro smile is more important than the glory I receive from the crowd.
Because He is the Giver of Talents, and deserves the talent He gives me to be returned to Him.
And because He is my Father.

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