Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some Random Quotes of Bernel Frenson J. Narido

“In this storybook which is my life, God is the main character.”

“They claim that they are smart and logical people. Ha! But discounting God’s existence is stupid and illogical. Everything just happened? Absurd! The odds of having an accumulation of chances and the simultaneous happening of many complex accidents is an impossibility. The complexity of creation proves that there is a Creator.”

“I am wary when the fairer sex has power. One of the scariest things in this world is a woman addicted to power.”

"Chaos Theory says, 'Complex systems, though as if acting randomly, have an underlying order in it. And simple systems, though can easily be predicted in theory, can produce complex behavior.' Thus, in chaos can be order, and in order can be chaos. Makes sense to me.”

“Love and logic does not mix. Reaction to love is spontaneous, does not involve thinking at all. It seemed that ‘being in love’ is the only rationale needed to defend the unplanned impulses.”

“The leprosy mentality has some sense in it. You cannot afford to live in illusions, since if you do, it could kill you.”

“Life would become easier if one realizes that the universe does not revolve around him.”

“Peter Parker’s motto seems too heavy for the fifteen year-old… but then again, even adults have a hard time applying it. Better start young in adopting it.”

“Small factors can have big impacts in the overall picture. Remember the principle of the Butterfly Effect?”

“5 tips in reading books:
1.) Concentrate on obtaining knowledge (facts) and wisdom (morals).
2.) Absorb the positive, discard the negative.
3.) Always have a dictionary on hand; look up the unfamiliar words’ meanings to amass your vocabulary.
4.) Think analytically and critique. Practice reading comprehension.
5.) Enjoy. Books are meant to entertain above anything else.”

“Life is a war. It does not matter if you lose some battles as long as you win the war. The defeats you get would only make the overall victory sweeter.”

“Be sure to take me out with one blow. If you don’t, you’ll regret it. There will be no chance for a second blow.”

“Everything is a mind game”

“Christian Hedonism taught me that giving glory to God is synonymous with delighting in Him. The two goes hand in hand, it cannot be separate. It is the chief end of Man.”

“Searching for joy and pleasure is not selfish. In fact, it is commanded by God. It is not a sin. But our sin is not because the intensity of our desire for joy and pleasure is too strong, but because it is too weak. C.S. Lewis got it right. ‘We are far too easily pleased.’ We settle for less than the best, we turn to power, money, fame, sex, romance, entertainment, family, friends, and other things for joy and pleasure. Illusions. Idolatry.
Ultimate joy and pleasure is found in God alone.”

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